Heres why you cant vote online in the 2021 federal

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Here's why you can't vote online in the 2021 federal election | CBC News - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

This story idea came from audience members?like you?who got in touch with usThe bottom line for Canadians i. Send us your federal election questions and story tips. Email?[email protected].

Despite all the day-to-day activities that moved online during the COVID-19 pandemic, one that hasn’t gone digital is voting in federal elections.Ottawa and Air Canada have settled on an aid package that will provide as much as $5.9 billion t?

The absence of an internet voting option is sure to upset some voters, including those whoThe point where they have one o?reached out to CBC News to ask if they can cast their ballots on Sept. 20 using a mobile phone or computer.?

Maarten W. pointed out the technology exists and said Canadians already conduct numerous private tasks online, from banking to filing taxes,?and Elizabeth L.?argued it would make sense to vote online?during the fourth wave of COVID-19.

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