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Seven soft clothing skills, learn to have a grand prize

with the continuous rise of prices, house prices are also rising steadily. Under such pressure to buy a house, small house types are increasingly sought after by the public. For owners with small house types, due to the limitation of space, for soft decoration, the play is not great and a little wasteful, but in fact, this is not the case, because it is a small house type, which requires the design and matching of soft decoration, In this way, small houses can give their unique charm! Let's take a look at the coup of small house soft decoration design:

coup one: decorate your Windows with shutters and shading curtains

the space of small house is originally small. If you decorate thick window frames, it will not only appear crowded, but also block the sunlight entering the room. You can choose fabrics to decorate windows in the home market, but you should form a unified style with other decorations in the room

osheno product model: Carson porcelain wood second generation emk3159015 Indian red sandalwood

osheno product model: Royal Stone first generation ehj1106090s French wood grain

coup 2: small room, less colors

small houses only use too many colors in soft decoration design, which will increase the burden of space. Therefore, for the design of small houses, we should avoid using too many colors and use fresh and elegant ones to open up the space

osheno product model: Casaro series scm111de rock sugar agate

trick 3: skillfully use a mirror to attract sunlight

place a mirror opposite the window to bring sunlight to the room. Use matt paint to reflect light, and often wipe furniture and electrical appliances to keep them clean

osheno product model: Casaro series scm113de Danqing agate

trick 4: blanket of sofa

you can consider using blanket decoration at home. The role of blanket is to cover the sofa and color the space. At the same time, decorate trinkets reasonably in the room, but don't be too complicated, in order to increase the depth effect of the space

osheno product model: Royal Stone third generation ehj1256090s Roman grey

trick 5: bright floor

bright floor has always been the first choice for small space to show large space. If you have installed the floor of the room, you can choose bright colored carpets to make up for the defects of the floor

osheno product model: Casaro series scs01190de Ella (white)

trick 6: green plants

placing green plants in the room can not only beautify the space, but also expand the space with reasonable placement. However, we should pay attention to the maintenance of plants, and do not wither

osheno product model: marble 4tflm01280s Victoria

trick 7: mild lighting

mild and average lighting can ensure the integrity of the room. The surrounding light can form the effect of scattered lighting, which makes the room larger in visual effect

product model of Oushennuo: Marble generation elf70180s deep coffee network

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