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Cooperating with time Guanghua to build a learning enterprise low price is not a promotion core enterprise should be self disciplined and standardized, work together online and offline, "3.15" offers more

cooperating with time Guanghua to build a learning enterprise

Home hotline: Hello! It is understood that the problem of difficult recruitment of wardrobe enterprises is still serious after the year, and Laoka signed a contract with Xue Yue, a time Guanghua e-learning network provider, at the end of 2013. Excuse me, is the original intention of cooperating with time Guanghua e-learning to alleviate the problem of "difficult employment"? At present, how is the work

Mr. Jin: the problem of "difficult employment" after the year is a thorny headache for many Chinese enterprises. Labor card wardrobe knows that talents are the key to enterprise development, so it has been committed to humanized care management. Therefore, our talent security rate was very high in 2013, and there has been no phenomenon of difficult employment after the year

as for the cooperation between Laoka wardrobe and time Guanghua e-learning, it is out of the strategic consideration of the enterprise on the development path. We have made a major upgrade in the training strategy through market research and the actual training of enterprises and dealers. With the improvement of social informatization level and the arrival of the era of big data, enterprises can not fall behind the trend unless they adapt to the development of the trend of the times. The cooperation between Laoka wardrobe and time Guanghua e-learning is to meet the training demands of peculiar internal and national dealers, solve the difficulties of enterprise training in time, space, place and effect, so as to provide better services for dealers and achieve a win-win situation between enterprises and dealers

home hotline: what is your expected effect of this cooperation

Mr. Jin: this cooperation can form a 24-hour seamless learning. On the one hand, it is to shorten the current dealer on-site training cycle of labor card wardrobe, improve the later learning tracking progress, enhance the training coverage, quickly improve the comprehensive ability and quality of the dealer team, and meet the national dealer training demands to a greater extent. On the other hand, in order to build a learning enterprise, it is necessary to set off a trend of all staff learning within the enterprise, develop the learning habits of initiative, autonomy and mutual help, and enhance the core soft power of the enterprise

low price is not the core of promotion. Enterprises should regulate themselves.

Home hotline: March is the well-known peak season of promotion, and the promotion means of wardrobe are diverse, and even become a "mess". What do you think of this

Mr. Jin: customers are willing to buy our products because of value, not price. I think if we want to make the brand bigger and better, we should make more efforts on the quality and service concept of the enterprise. Wardrobe enterprises should avoid the problem of promotional price war, avoid hurting the root of the enterprise through bargaining, and do not take price reduction as the core of promotional publicity, only for short-term interests. Enterprises should let consumers buy goods with the highest cost performance and feel the best service of the enterprise during the event. This time, we launched tmall Laoka wardrobe. Thanks for the feedback. You can buy vouchers online and experience the services of the exclusive store offline. And a corresponding amount of franchise store vouchers will be sent. If you don't buy the product, you can also refund the tmall voucher. We should let consumers experience and choose by themselves, and provide consumers with the best service

online and offline qifali "3.15" offers many

Home hotline: as "3.15" is valued by more and more consumers, there are more and more wardrobe complaints. What responsibility do you think enterprises have in this regard

Mr. Jin: the enterprise is based on integrity. I think "good brand = good quality + good delivery date + good service + good image + good design + good persistence". Laoka brand takes the six virtues as the guiding ideology and strives to serve all customers well

home hotline: what marketing activities did labor card do during the "3.15" period

Mr. Jin: during March 15, Lloyd's Carter made great efforts to give preferential feedback to our customers who have always supported us through the following two ways

first, physical stores: Carlos' dream of spring, with the quality of strict German management, serves the dream of happy customization home of Chinese people

second, tmall Lloyd's flagship store: 10 yuan to make an appointment with the designer for on-site measurement, and make an appointment to give a discount on the coupon! For specific details, readers can go to Lloyd's card stores around the world or tmall Lloyd's card flagship store for consultation. Thank the majority of consumers for their support of lockcard wardrobe




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