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House inspection

1 Read "Filing" and leave "two books". Before the new house is occupied, the owner should see a copy of the relevant filing documents of the project in order to confirm that the project is a legal building; At the same time, we should get the "residential quality warranty" and "residential use manual" provided by the developer

2. The doors and windows are flexible, tight and bright. Try whether the doors and windows can be opened flexibly, visually check whether the doors and frames, windows and window frames are parallel, close the doors and windows, and listen to the sound insulation effect and sealing degree. In order to be waterproof, the lower part of the toilet door must be 1.5cm above the ground. The paint quality of doors and windows mainly depends on whether there is any falling (traces of paint dripping). The top side of each door must be painted, and the lower side of the bathroom door should also be painted

3. Tap on all sides to hear the air crack. If you hear the sound of "empty", there is a gap between the surface course and the wall (ground) surface, which needs to be reworked; If you hear a dull thump, it indicates that they are in good contact

4. The residents on the top floor check the seepage

5. Balcony cracks are dangerous

6. The insulation is not good, and the wall drips water. In winter, if there is condensation on the wall of the room, there must be a problem with the insulation of the wall

7. Open the tap to check for leakage and blockage. It should be noted that the water flow should be larger and faster as far as possible. First, check the water pressure, and second, try the drainage speed

8. The heating branch pipe has a slope. The end of the heating water supply branch pipe connecting the water inlet pipe is higher than the end connecting the radiator. The height of both ends of the return branch pipe is just opposite. This slope is directly proportional to the length of the two branches, generally 1% difference per meter

9. Heating pipes should be sleeved. The heating pipe passing through the wall and the floor should be provided with a sleeve (at the junction of the pipe and the wall or floor, put a small section of pipe on the pipe). The sleeve on the ground should be 2 to 3 cm higher than the ground. If the ground is initially decorated, it should be 5 cm higher than the ground

10. Switching off the power supply is indispensable. If the electric switch and electric meter are outdoors, it should be checked whether they can control the indoor lamps and sockets. The method is whether the indoor power is completely cut off after the switch is turned off

at the same time, remind the owners that house inspection and collection is a technical work, which requires professional technical equipment. If necessary, please ask a professional house inspector to serve you





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