Mass production of 5MW composite and 15MW bamboo f

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Mass production of 5MW composite material and 1.5MW bamboo fiber blades

China building materials announced that 5MW, 62m long composite material fan blades and 1.5MW bamboo fiber composite material fan blades were successfully rolled off the production line and mass production was achieved

at the same time, the national postdoctoral scientific research workstation was unveiled at the same time. At 10:58 on December 20, 2010, it was a miracle moment for China's wind power industry. The 5MW, 62m long composite fan blades and 1.5MW bamboo fiber composite fan blades were successfully rolled off the production line in Lianyungang Zhongfu Lianzhong Composite Materials Group Co., Ltd. in the same period; Zhongfu Lianzhong National Postdoctoral research workstation was unveiled. The 5 MW blade is currently the world's largest fan blade; The trial production and operation of 1.5MW bamboo fiber blade is the first in China. The breakthrough of multi specification and high power from 1.25mw to 5MW, the technological leap from 31m to 62m product length, the attempt from glass fiber materials to renewable green and environmental protection resources - raw materials of bamboo materials, the birth of China's first 1.5MW 37.5m fan blade in Zhongfu Lianzhong five years ago to the unveiling of today's National Postdoctoral research workstation, under the "three new" strategic layout of China Building Materials Group, Zhongfu Lianzhong under China Composite Materials Group Co., Ltd. has made continuous innovation and upgraded the "green gold" strategy. Songzhiping, chairman of China National Building Materials Group, wangjianhua, Secretary of Lianyungang Municipal Party committee and director of Lianyungang Municipal People's Congress, Xu Yiping, mayor of Lianyungang Municipal government, qinhaiyan, Secretary General of China Wind Energy Professional Committee, Ma Jianguo, deputy general manager of China National Building Materials Group, zhangguangdong, tangguohai and Shi Yan, members of the Standing Committee of Lianyungang Municipal Party committee, Jin Fan, director of the International Cooperation Department of human resources and Social Security Department of Jiangsu Provincial Department, chairman of China Composite Materials Group Co., Ltd General manager zhangdingjin attended the ceremony. Renguifang, chairman of Zhongfu Lianzhong, presided over the ceremony

the project was launched in March, 2010. In only 8 months, the seeds planted by the domestic and foreign technical teams of China composite materials and Zhongfu Lianzhong broke through the ground. "As a new energy enterprise, we must follow the economic laws and truly grasp the market rules in order to survive in the long run. The overall market maturity of wind power is relatively high. At present, the price of wind power is 0.5 yuan, excluding the penetration of environmental factors that are not necessary for the experiment to 0.6 yuan/degree. Due to the continuous rising trend of coal prices, the survival situation of the thermal power industry is difficult to change in the short term, so everyone is interested in wind power. This year, Zhongfu Lianzhong wind turbine Co., Ltd The annual production capacity of blades will reach 10000 pieces. " Zhang Dingjin disclosed. Wind power has become the most commercialized and competitive renewable energy in the world. New energy technology revolution and industrialization are important trends in the next few years. The growth rate of China's wind power market has now ranked first in the world, and its installed capacity is the second in the world. This year, it is expected to reach the first in the world, accounting for about 28% of the total installed capacity. In 2010, the total installed capacity of wind power in China is expected to be about 18million kW. By 2015, it is expected to reach 90million kW, requiring about 30000 sets of 1.5MW fans. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the Chinese government will also invest 4trillion yuan to support the development of strategic emerging industries, including the new energy industry. By 2015, the proportion of new energy such as wind power, solar energy and biomass energy in primary energy will increase by 1.8%. The prospect of this industry is amazing, and the strong demand will go through the whole economic cycle in the next five years. There are huge business opportunities. China's wind power blade industry has entered a growth period, and industrial investment has increased rapidly. In view of the industry characteristics, China's wind power blade industry will present a centralized pattern in the future, which is conducive to the birth of world-class companies

Zhang Dingjin said that in the face of fierce competition, it is difficult to finish this in most experimental machines and a certain experiment. China composite materials must look at the general trend, grasp the key, start from the system, strengthen its own physique, and make the enterprise have a stronger system competitiveness. China's new energy market will become the main driving force to promote the development of new energy technologies around the world. In the long run, the development of new energy projects is a major strategic measure to ensure national energy security and improve environmental issues. As long as it is a project that can provide strategic support for China National Building Materials Group, China National composite materials will attack decisively. In fact, the successful move of Zhongfu Lianzhong's 5MW composite blade and 1.5MW bamboo fiber blade offline undoubtedly not only caters to the national industrial policy, but also prepares for future industrial upgrading. At the same time, it is also the result of the market pull brought about by the improvement of the brand value of China's building materials. Qiaoguanghui, general manager of Zhongfu Lianzhong Composite Materials Group Co., Ltd., said in the introduction of new products that in recent years, the global wind turbines have developed rapidly in the direction of large-scale, and European REpower, Enercon and other companies have successively developed 5MW wind turbines. This year, China's first 5MW wind turbine was born in Sinovel wind power. As an important partner of Sinovel wind power, Zhongfu Lianzhong has developed 5MW fan blades for Sinovel wind power and completed the research and development of aerodynamic shape design, structural design, mold design and manufacturing. The blade is 62 meters long, with a maximum chord length of 4.5 meters and a pre bending of 1.5 meters. It is the longest commercially available blade in the world at present. It is used in class 1 wind area and can be matched with 5MW fans on land, in the intertidal zone and at sea. It has good aerodynamic performance, with a CP value of 0.487. It uses a special paint system and surface protection layer, and can adapt to salt fog, sand, low temperature, strong ultraviolet and other operating environments

the 40.3m 1.5MW bamboo leaves offline in the same period are optimized according to the characteristics of bamboo and produced with advanced technology. The blades are made of recombined bamboo, and the sales of medical devices reach 350billion US dollars, which is the main bearing part of the blades, realizing the lightweight of the blades. The development of bamboo leaf is to comply with the requirements of developing low-carbon economy, and use degradable recombinant bamboo for leaf production. As a natural material, bamboo is a green material for making fan blades. The development of bamboo leaves has turned bamboo into a high value-added product and promoted the application of bamboo as a high-performance structural material in various industries. The successful development of bamboo leaf is not only the embodiment of Zhongfu Lianzhong's technological innovation ability, but also the practical action of China building materials to pay attention to the environment and undertake the society. Offshore wind power is the development trend of wind power industry. At present, the exploitable wind energy resources of China's offshore wind farms are about 250million kW, and the future development space is huge. The good development prospect of offshore wind power has prompted the "encircling the sea" movement to become more and more intense. Offshore wind power will usher in the "ice breaking journey" of large-scale development in 2011. The main characteristics of offshore wind power are larger installed capacity, larger fans and corrosion resistance. At present, the offshore wind turbine is basically based on the offshore wind conditions and operating conditions to transform the land model. Its structure is also composed of blades, engine room, tower and foundation. The design of offshore wind turbine emphasizes reliability, pays attention to improving the utilization rate of wind turbine and reducing the maintenance rate. Nowadays, offshore wind turbines are becoming larger. The offshore wind turbines produced by major foreign wind turbine manufacturers are mainly 2-5 MW, and the blade diameter is 72-127 M

the main difference between offshore and onshore wind turbines is the foundation. In order to withstand the strong wind load, seawater corrosion and wave impact at sea, the foundation of offshore wind turbine is far more complex than that on land, with high technical difficulty and high construction cost. The successful production of 5MW blades has further established the leading position of Zhongfu Lianzhong in the domestic and international wind turbine blade industry. Under the background that China's offshore wind power has started and is about to enter rapid development, China's composite materials will develop more rapidly with the technical advantages in this field. Songzhiping, wangjianhua, xuyiping, qinhaiyan and zhangdingjin jointly unveiled the 5MW wind turbine blades and 1.5MW bamboo blades. Ma Jianguo and Jin Fan inaugurated Zhongfu Lianzhong National Postdoctoral research workstation. At a time when the composite wind power blade industry is in its mature stage, China composite materials, which has the dream of becoming a champion, has launched 5MW wind turbine blades and 1.5MW bamboo fiber blades, seizing the opportunity of offshore wind power projects and green recyclable utilization. Its intention is beyond words. A "green gold" revolution has already started in China, and the "national strategy" banner is flying. Who can be proud to kill, and those who are brave and resourceful are the best. Since its establishment, China Composite Materials Group Co., Ltd. has been established as a high-tech enterprise to save resources, protect the environment and improve the comprehensive value of products. After more than ten years of efforts, it has become an industry group with great influence in China's composite industry. It has the best manufacturer of winding FRP pipes, tanks, glass fiber felt and automotive FRP in China. Its products serve the fields of transportation, energy, chemical industry, construction and so on. The "China International composite industry technology exhibition" successfully hosted by the company since 1995 has become one of the most influential international composite exhibitions in the world

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