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Set printing parameters (IX)

IX. paper type selection setting method

if you want to use the printer to generate a special format, such as A3 or B4, you need to use the page setting function to select the paper size before formal printing, but in the "file/" page setting "/" paper type "tab page, click the" paper size "drop-down menu, However, no special paper types such as A3 or B4 are found, but only ordinary A4 or B5 paper types are available for selection. How can we choose the required paper types? You can follow the following steps:

1. You can add a virtual printer in the "Add Printer" window. Since not all printers support the same printing paper type, some special paper types need to be realized by installing more "virtual printers" in the computer at the same time; 2. If you want to output A3 size, you can install a virtual "HP LaserJet 2000" printer. Once you install this virtual printer, you can find the A3 size in the "paper size" of the page setting

3. (4) if you still want to deal with B4 or some envelopes according to the shape and size of the sample, you can install the virtual printing of "Epson T-1000". In short, you can easily choose various paper types as long as you install several more "virtual printers" that can support various special formats

4. Then you can execute the "file/print" command in turn to open the print setting dialog box, and select the virtual printer icon that supports the required print format in this setting box; 5. Next, you can click the printer directly with the mouse, but the traditional substitute wood, new wood preservative wood, heavy bamboo wood and other materials have inherent disadvantages. The close button in the setting dialog box; Then use the mouse to execute the "file/page setup" command from the shell manufacturing of the electronic product to the internal line of the product in turn. In the page setup dialog box that appears later, open the "paper type" label page, and select the paper type to be printed in the setting column under "paper size"

6. Finally, click the print preview command, and you can see that the document is typeset according to the specified format

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