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Shajing hardware, performance refers to the characteristics of metal materials under the action of external forces

1. Strength: the ability of materials to resist deformation and fracture under the action of external forces (loads). The unit area of the material is stressed by the load

2, hardware, yield point( б s) : yield strength refers to the stress value when the stress of the material reaches a critical value in the tower crane structure test method gb/t17807 ⑴ 999 during the stretching process, and the load does not increase, but the deformation continues to increase or 0.2% L is generated. The unit is expressed in Newton/millimeter 2 (n/mm2)

3. Tensile strength( б b) Also known as strength limit, it refers to the maximum stress that the material bears before breaking. The unit is expressed in Newton/millimeter 2 (n/mm2)

4, elongation( δ): The percentage of the total elongation of the material to the original gauge length after tensile fracture

5. Reduction of area( ψ) The percentage of the maximum reduced area of the cross section and the original cross-sectional area of the material after tensile fracture

6. Hardness: refers to the ability of the material to resist the pressure of other harder objects on its surface. The commonly used hardness is to measure the distributed hardness (HBS, HBW) and Rockwell hardness (HKA, HKB, HRC) according to its range

7. Impact toughness (AK): the ability of a material to resist impact load, in joules/cm2 (j/cm2)

hardware Shenzhen Jiapin metal products Co., Ltd. specializes in planning, design, manufacturing, installation, modification and other services

main business: precision production and processing of sheet metal, metal stamping, machining, drying equipment of white iron sheet project, external powder spraying, external production and processing, processing with supplied materials and other projects. Production equipment: laser cutting and processing, CNC plate shears, bending machines, rounding machines, polishing machines, CNC punches, lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, argon welding machines, electric welding machines, touch welding machines, oxygen protection welding machines and other complete production equipment; Foreign production and processing, processing with supplied materials and other projects. You are welcome to inquire and negotiate with us

current situation of China's hardware industry: "lost" and "abnormal" when the financial crisis swept the world, China's hardware industry was not spared, and some enterprises with weak strength and low technology content closed down and changed production. The hardware industry association held different forms of seminars, and the industry media called for the rescue of those "poor enterprises" from different angles. The collective loss and metamorphosis of China's hardware and electromechanical industry, the American sub-prime crisis has spread to every corner of the world like a plague, and China has not been spared. The Chinese government announced that the GDP growth rate slowed down, and the United States and Europe tightened their belts and reduced the use of Chinese cheap products. When Mr. Ma Yun, the landmark of China's Internet marketing, shouted to China's small and medium-sized enterprises that "winter" was coming, China's hardware and electromechanical industry seemed to lose its direction overnight, and the integrity became a slave to the environment. Sadly! The industry and Commerce Association has carried out various forms of seminars and hired so-called well-known experts to "preach" on the spot. These are normal phenomena, which are understandable. However, the author has seen a long development in the resin and coating industry in China's hardware and electromechanical business owners. What he saw there are mostly panic, headless flies everywhere, and where are the so-called entrepreneurs who are usually as stable as Mount Tai, I can't help asking where are the usual talking and management skills. As a media, it should have the function of objective reporting and correct guidance. But many of our industry media almost agree that we should save those "poor enterprises"! However, it has never been analyzed from the perspective of economic laws. This phenomenon is only a negative performance of the economic cycle, and it will definitely eliminate some enterprises. Enterprises should take advantage of such challenges to improve themselves. If the enterprise is difficult to deal with, why don't you think that others' enterprises are safe, but your own enterprises are in danger. It's time to review yourself. Gao Wenguang, chairman of Tianjin Wenguang group, set a great example to China's hardware and electromechanical industry. He told: "others cut wages for employees, and I raise wages for employees; others cut staff, and I expand my scale and recruit new people". Such heroic words and practices are rare, at least in the hardware and electromechanical industry; At the same time, this sentence gave a blow to Chinese hardware colleagues. What we need for the winter is the reserves before the cold winter, not temporary cramming. As the Chinese government, it has unspeakable helplessness towards Chinese enterprises (including, of course, China's hardware and electromechanical enterprises). For China's hardware and electromechanical industry, from the perspective of solving the employment of China's ordinary labor force, the government certainly needs the existence and sustainable development of a large number of Chinese hardware and electromechanical enterprises that can provide a large number of ordinary jobs. But on the other hand, the backward technology and low value-added products in China's hardware and electromechanical industry have serious overcapacity; In the long run, such labor-intensive and resource consuming enterprises will hinder the overall upgrading of China's hardware and electromechanical industry and reduce the competitiveness of Chinese products in the world. Therefore, the government reduced the export tax rebate of some products in 2007, clearly expressing its determination to eliminate some backward enterprises. Wang Yang, Secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee, slapped Chinese enterprises in the face with a harsh sentence not long ago, that is, "never save backward enterprises". Such a statement by the Guangdong provincial government shows determination and courage. Today, with the development of China's market economy, no one can become a fetter, even if the employment problem is used as a shield, it must not be. The financial storm has lifted the veil of backwardness in China's hardware and electromechanical industry. From the rise in the price of raw materials to the appreciation of the RMB, from the promulgation of the new labor contract law to the reduction of export tax rebates, and then to the current financial crisis and even the economic crisis, China's hardware and electromechanical enterprises have experienced unprecedented fluctuations in just oneortwo years. Some of these changes in the economic environment and policies are sudden, and some are predictable. Before the financial crisis, China's hardware and electromechanical enterprises could barely breathe under the "four heavy pressures". The arrival of the financial crisis, like a thunderbolt, shook the foundation of many enterprises and hurt the feelings of many of our so-called entrepreneurs, which can only be described as "miserable". Nearly one third of the hardware manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai closed down, and the workers left the factory where they had worked for many years with sad eyes; Business owners are dejected, some run, some flee. Some enterprises operate with negative profits, while foreign well-known enterprises and domestic high-quality enterprises are not affected. Zhejiang Boda Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., which has won the title of China's famous brand, saw a slight decline in its sales in the first half of 2008, and the performance of maitaibao China increased by 40% every year. Bosch Power Tools took advantage of this crisis to go against the trend. When others were greatly reducing their expenses, they increased brand marketing efforts and put advertisements for power tools on many TV stations to promote sales. I believe that for Bosch, this financial crisis is the best time to compete with its peers. Why panic like domestic enterprises. Therefore, in the crisis, many of our enterprises were eliminated, some enterprises are still insisting, and some enterprises are limited by its impact. My conclusion is: the backward will be eliminated, and the overall backward situation of China's hardware and electromechanical industry will move forward under heavy pressure. The crisis has lifted the veil of the backwardness of China's hardware and electromechanical industry, and it is always painful to uncover the scars, but in the long run, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages

Shajing hardware, the hardware industry is developing very fast. The most concentrated markets in the traditional hardware industry in China are mainly concentrated in mechanical hardware, construction hardware, decorative hardware and daily hardware. The trend of industrial concentration in the hardware industry is also obvious. The domestic hardware industry is mainly concentrated in economically developed provinces and regions such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Hebei, Shandong, etc. The products of traditional hardware enterprises are relatively simple, and many enterprises only provide supporting facilities and accessories for other manufacturing enterprises, which are highly dependent on manufacturing enterprises and slow to respond to market demand. Traditional hardware enterprises do not pay attention to the research and development of new products and the extension of the market, resulting in the lack of sustainable competitiveness of enterprises. In the face of increasingly specialized market demand and increasingly fierce competition, many hardware enterprises with rapid development in the initial stage feel weak in the follow-up


: stainless steel plate is a kind of steel that can resist the corrosion of weak corrosive media such as air, steam and water and chemical corrosive media such as acid, alkali and salt. Also known as stainless acid resistant steel. In practical application, steel resistant to weak corrosion medium is often called stainless steel, while steel resistant to chemical medium is called acid resistant steel

stainless steel is usually divided into:

1, ferritic stainless steel according to the matrix structure. Chromium content is 12% - 30%. Its corrosion resistance, toughness and weldability increase with the increase of chromium content, and its chloride stress corrosion resistance is better than other kinds of stainless steel

2. Austenitic stainless steel. It contains more than 18% chromium, about 8% nickel and a small amount of molybdenum, titanium, nitrogen and other elements. It has good comprehensive performance and can resist the corrosion of various media

3. Austenitic (

) - Ferritic duplex stainless steel. It has the advantages of both austenitic and ferritic stainless steels and has superplasticity

4. Martensitic stainless steel. High strength, but poor plasticity and weldability

it should be noted that the strength of stainless steel plate is high, and the tool wear of CNC punch is large, which is generally not suitable for numerical punching. Brand: there are many kinds of stainless steel, and the commonly used one for sheet metal processing is an austenitic stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti) Japanese Standard JIS (SUS)

manhole hardware. The development of science and technology guides the development direction of the industry, and the production mode promotes the production process of material wealth. The emergence of cabinet processing enterprises eliminates the complicated procedures of manufacturing enterprises in purchasing raw materials and transportation, and saves customers a lot of human, material and energy; For customers who are ready to purchase equipment for processing, it saves the consumption of a large number of internal resources such as investment and plant construction, equipment purchase, recruitment of personnel, establishment of inventory, management of materials and so on. Thus, the manufacturing enterprises are more focused on the development of new technologies and the research of market trends, so that the manufacturing enterprises can adapt to the unpredictable market and reduce the risks from the market. Machinery manufacturing industry is a classic traditional industry cabinet processing. With the invention of semiconductor, computer and laser cabinet processing in the last century, it has injected new vitality into the machinery manufacturing industry and greatly promoted the development of aviation, automobile, shipbuilding, communication electronics, precision instruments and machine tools. With the development of science and technology, it has promoted the change of human production mode and thinking mode. Advanced manufacturing and information industry have been paid more and more attention. Necessity for the development of cabinet processing industry: the cabinet processing industry is of certain importance to improve the domestic machinery manufacturing industry, communication electronics industry, automobile and shipbuilding industries that can adopt rotameter or mass flowmeter. With the gradual rise of these industries in China, it also drives the rapid development of cabinet processing industry. The gradual formation and development of cabinet processing industry has greatly accelerated the mode of cabinet processing and distribution in the manufacturing industry, breaking the traditional practice of simple procurement and transportation in logistics, and introducing the concept of processing and distribution, which broadens the vision

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