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Several hot technologies in the current label industry

1 Five advantages of in mold label



exquisite and rich layers

in line with the packaging trend

reduce the secondary pollution of food and pharmaceutical packaging

2 Application characteristics of in mold labels

1) the technology is becoming mature

2) the application field of market analysis continues to expand. At present, the plastic film (commonly known as synthetic paper) used for printing in domestic commerce basically comes from imports

Xingguang Group Co., Ltd., which produces in mold labels on a large scale, mainly focuses on skin care, washing products, cosmetics, etc., with an annual sales of nearly 100 million yuan

3. Future development direction of in mold labels

1) diversification of in mold label functions

(1) integration of beautification and product protection

(2) integration of product function description and anti-counterfeiting function

2) environmental protection of in mold label application

integration of product application and environmental protection and sustainable development

3) refinement of in mold label production

(1) refinement of design

(2) refinement of material selection

(3) Refinement of printing process

(4) refinement of molding processing

(2) heat shrinkable label

heat shrinkable packaging is a packaging method widely used in commodity packaging, which can be used to package various types of products. It has the characteristics of transparency, sealing, moisture resistance, container packaging, etc., while its process and equipment are simple, the packaging cost is low, and there are many packaging methods, resulting in the paralysis of the experimental machine, It is favored by businesses and consumers. Heat shrinkable film label is a part of the label market, which is currently in rapid growth, and its market share is constantly expanding. It is estimated that the annual growth rate is about 15%, which is much higher than the annual growth rate of about 5% of the ordinary label market. It has great development potential and has become a highlight of the label printing industry. 5. LCP and other containers used in microwave ovens

routine testing: ring stiffness test, ring flexibility test, creep ratio test take Shanghai Ziquan label Co., Ltd. as an example, the company is one of the larger label printing enterprises in China, with a sales volume of 470 million yuan in 2008, an increase of 22% over the previous year. The company prints many kinds of products. The main products are all kinds of labels, PE and PVC heat shrinkable films, PE sanitary bag products, etc. Among them, the sales of PVC and PE heat shrinkable films account for 56% of the company's total sales. The former are mainly beverages, cola, water, etc., such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, Wahaha, Nongfu mountain spring, Johnson & Johnson and other famous brands at home and abroad; The latter is mainly beer, beverages, water, etc

1. The main features of heat shrinkable labels

heat shrinkable labels have strong adaptability, and can be used for surface decoration and decoration of paper, metal, wood, glass, ceramics and other packaging containers. The main application fields are the packaging and decoration of food, beverages, drugs, health products, cosmetics, daily chemical products, chemical products and so on. Its advantages:

(1) heat shrinkable packaging can package products of the opposite sex that are not easily packaged by general methods, such as inner boxes, aquatic products, vegetables, gadgets, toys, electronic products, etc

(2) the heat shrinkable film has high transparency, and its label has bright color and luster

(3) the heat shrinkable film is tightly attached to the goods after shrinkage, the package is compact and can show the appearance of the goods, and the goods after packaging are beautiful

(4) the shrink film has good wear resistance and high strength to ensure that it can bear the weight of its contents. Because of the film printing, it can protect the printing effect

(5) heat shrinkable packaging has good sealing, antifouling, moisture-proof and rust proof effects, which can prolong the storage life of food, facilitate storage, facilitate overall stacking, and save volume and area

(6) the solvent residue is low, and its solvent residue will be maintained at about 5mg/㎡, which is conducive to environmental protection

2. Development prospect of heat shrinkable film labels

in the next five years, the domestic shrinkable film market will grow at a rate of about 15-20%. The food industry is the largest market for heat shrinkable packaging. Heat shrinkable film is widely used in the packaging of all kinds of fast food, food, dairy products, beverages, snacks, beer cans, all kinds of alcohol, dry food, agricultural and sideline products, local specialties, etc. It is also increasingly used in non food fields, such as bottle caps, seals, cosmetics, drugs, health products, daily chemical products, cultural and sports supplies, etc. At the same time, ceramic products and building materials have also been widely used. In addition, it can also partially replace carton and wooden box packaging

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