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The first day of 2014 Asia Mobile Communication Expo: summary of three highlights

the agenda of 2014 Asia Mobile Communication Expo conference

I. theme report, China Mobile Home Show

Xi Guohua, chairman of China Mobile: now global mobile operators are carrying out mobile traffic operations in full swing, but one day in the future, mobile traffic will also reach saturation, and mobile operators must layout content and applications in advance. In the first half of 2014, China Mobile sold 70million TD-SCDMA terminals, while in the second half of 2014, China Mobile will mainly sell TD-LTE terminals to achieve the goal of annual sales of 200-220 million terminals. Moreover, we should develop multi-mode and multi frequency terminals according to market demand, and develop medium and low-end terminals for the mass market. The 4G investment of China Mobile has exceeded 240billion yuan

Li Yue, President of China Mobile: in terms of users, China Mobile has developed more than 6.5 million 4G users. In terms of networks, China Mobile has completed the construction of 320000 4G base stations nationwide, and 500000 will be built by the end of the year; In terms of terminals, 12million 4G devices have been sold, with 240 models on the market; In terms of international roaming, 4G roaming has been completed with eight countries, and 13 countries are currently communicating and testing

liulihua, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that TD-LTE, as one of the mainstream international standards for 4G, has more than 400 TD-LTE terminals worldwide, including more than 200 smart terminals; 37 TD-LTE commercial networks have been opened in 24 countries and regions. For those who often use hydraulic universal testing machines

the second and third major operators compete on the same platform, and 4g/nfc/car service becomes a highlight

1. China Unicom

the theme of this exhibition is to choose the best in the near future. China Unicom and China business channel demonstrated the use of 4G LTE technology for live broadcasting/live broadcasting of relevant TV programs. In terms of 4G, China Unicom's 4G fast experience bus also drove to the booth. Inside the bus, users can watch ultra clear movies under the 4G network signal through high-definition TV, experience online non delay network games, wo music and other experience fast pleasure. In addition, China Unicom also exhibited the smart home business

2. China Mobile

the theme of this exhibition of China Mobile is connected with 4G and heart. According to dvbcn, the exhibition area of China Mobile is mainly divided into three sections: 4G technology and business, industry informatization and IOT, and personal and family business. The 4G technology and business section shows the vigorous development trend of TD-LTE in the fields of international roaming, fusion groups, multi-mode chips and terminals, as well as the faster and better 4G service experience brought by rich network solutions to customers. The industry informatization and IOT section shows the audience the mature solutions of China Mobile in different fields such as education, health, car service and integrated office, as well as the all-round R & D achievements of China Mobile in the IOT field, from chip to platform and then to application, under the brand of good social reputation brought by and business products to both partners. In the personal and home business section, there are a series of innovative application experiences based on China Mobile's innovation ability and Internet thinking, such as mm mobile application mall, he communication, he Caiyun, NFC money (3) low power supply voltage fluctuation package (and package), as well as a brand-new home entertainment solution with family. Live audiences can experience a colorful mobile internet life

3. Chinatelecom

Chinatelecom showed its latest 4G technology/applications, NFC and smart solutions at this MAE

4g technology and application, Chinatelecom exhibited the 4G communication and entertainment solutions of fdd-lte technology, demonstrating a better and smoother 4G video entertainment experience to visitors. Like many operators, NFC payment is also a focus of Chinatelecom's exhibition this time. Chinatelecom showed its wing payment brand business at the Expo site, and designed the NFC exhibition area as a bus scene. In the smart application solutions exhibition area, Chinatelecom focused on demonstrating its smart home, smart community, and the application solutions of emerging technologies such as replacing the traditional epoxy adhesive and polyurethane adhesive products in IOT and cloud services in professional industries

III. virtual operator Douyan on the stage

1. Snail mobile Mae acquired ruigao on site, and the general manager of Unicom visited the booth

on June 11, mobile Asia Expo was held in Shanghai. In the morning of the same day, snail mobile, which participated in the exhibition as a virtual operator for the first time, announced that it had officially acquired ruigao, a domestic first-class game mobile terminal manufacturer, to enter the mobile terminal hardware industry. Chen Yan, President of snail mobile, who attended the signing ceremony, said that the acquisition of ruigao marks the realization of the integration of software and hardware. Snail will build a whole industry chain development system and become an Internet enterprise integrating engine technology, content research and development, global distribution, mobile stores, communication SIM cards and hardware products. Lu Yimin, general manager of Unicom Group, and other heavyweight leaders and guests also visited the snail mobile exhibition hall on the same day. Snail Mobile's booth opened up a business negotiation area, a card free sales area and a mobile game experience area. Accompanied by Chen Yan, President of snail mobile, Lu Yimin, general manager of Unicom Group, visited each exhibition area of snail Mobile's booth and learned more about snail Mobile's related businesses

2. Leyu communication focuses on mobile health management

Leyu communication, a domestic telecom retail service enterprise, has chosen to cut into the field of virtual operators from the field of mobile health management. The theme of this exhibition of Leyu communication is also a virtual operator focusing on mobile health management. It is understood that after selecting a 170 SIM card of Leyu, users can wear various intelligent health devices to collect data, and realize the collection and management of health data through information transmission with the cloud; Users can log in to the wonderful health app platform through account No. 170 for exercise management, slimming management, and monitoring of blood pressure, blood glucose, ECG, etc. In addition, Leyu communication also showed the wonderful classic card and wonderful free card on the spot

3. Tianyin communication mainly promotes 170 come together and free customized packages

at the 014 Asia Mobile Communication Expo, Tianyin communication, one of the 19 domestic virtual operators, focused on the 170 come together packages and free customized packages that have attracted the attention of consumers and the industry. At this exhibition, Tianyin communication opened a special reservation service desk of No. 170, which is convenient for interested users to make an appointment on site. In addition, the booth also carried out award-winning activities, attracting many visitors to stop. According to dvbcn's on-site understanding, the 170 come together package and the free customized package will be officially released for commercial use on June 16

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