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Beijing China Brew & China beverage and liquitek boost China's liquid food packaging industry in the era of low profit in September current position: Homepage information industry trends exhibition dynamics text

Beijing China Brew & China beverage and liquitek boost China's liquid food packaging industry in the era of low profit in September

at present, China's beer, beverage, dairy and other liquid food industries are developing rapidly, Accordingly, the liquid food packaging industry has also entered a period of rapid development. However, global inflation and the accelerated rise in raw material prices have had a huge impact on China's liquid food packaging industry, and Chinese liquid food packaging enterprises urgently need to find a solution

from September 24 to 27 this year, the 2008 China (Beijing) International Beer and beverage industry exhibition (2008) and the 2008 international beverage and liquid food technology exhibition (liquitek2008) held in the new pavilion of the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing focused on the liquid food packaging industry, displaying all kinds of new packaging technologies, new equipment and new products that are low-cost, multifunctional, efficient and more environmentally friendly. The award ceremony of the China liquid product packaging award, held by China print media group, a well-known information service provider in the field of printing and packaging in China, will also be held grandly at the same time of the exhibition, which will cause great harm to various vehicles. It aims to encourage the emergence of advanced packaging technologies and concepts in Chinese Mainland, as well as the most forward-looking and industry influential product packaging

the general trend of energy conservation and consumption reduction

at present, the price of raw materials required for liquid food packaging is rising, and the profit space is becoming increasingly narrow. Liquid food enterprises have controlled costs by looking for alternative raw materials, improving equipment efficiency, developing new technologies and other methods. At the China Brew China beverage and liquitek exhibitions, many mechanical equipment suppliers and manufacturers in the fields of food production, processing and packaging complied with the market situation and brought all kinds of latest equipment for energy conservation and consumption reduction, hoping to directly solve problems for professional buyers

Guangzhou dayilong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., one of the sponsors of the exhibition and the leading manufacturer of liquid food filling machinery in China, will exhibit its internationally leading dcgs22 blow fill cap BFC block in the exhibition area of nearly 500 square meters. This set of equipment has decreased in terms of investment cost and plant floor area, but the overall efficiency has increased, It is favored by many beverage manufacturers. This set of equipment is equipped with 22 cavity bottle blowing mold, 60 filling valves and 18 screw heads. For the production of 500ml bottled water, the standard production capacity of 33000 bottles per hour can be reached, and the whole process from bottle blank to bottled beverage can be completed by a single machine. Due to the technical innovation, the air duct and bottle washer are reduced, so the equipment investment cost will be reduced, especially the floor area of the plant will be reduced by 35%. The whole bottle blowing, filling and capping are completed in one machine, which reduces the intermediate links, and the overall efficiency will also be improved by about 5%. At the same time, the energy consumption will be greatly reduced. There is no need to flush the bottle water, and the output demand of the water treatment system can be reduced by 35%. The whole process is completed in an almost sealed space, which can reduce cross pollution and bring reliable guarantee to the safety of products

Sidel, the world's leading equipment supplier, also brought combi blowing and filling three in one equipment to participate in the selection of liquid product packaging awards. This equipment can be used for the packaging of water, beverage and milk products, and the most important part of the three basic production is the oil pump: bottle blowing, filling and capping can be concentrated on a single machine. Because only one equipment is used and the design is extremely simple, the overall investment is reduced; Bottle weight is reduced; It saves floor space, production time, production water, electricity, gas and chemical agents. It can improve production efficiency for customers, reduce production costs, and bring higher return on investment

in addition, Shanghai shenlu, Shanghai Boban, Shanghai Peifeng, Jiangsu star a, Shanghai Huikun, international specialty products, and Sanpu industry will all show their strengths and bring all kinds of energy-saving, efficient, stable, and long-life mechanical equipment

high tech highlights

innovation is the theme of this China Brew China beverage and liquitek exhibition. Well known mechanical equipment suppliers at home and abroad will introduce various new turnkey solutions, from raw material processing, brewing, filling to product packaging, comprehensively taking care of the diversified requirements of the beer, beverage and dairy production industry

Shanghai Peixin Packaging Technology Co., Ltd. recently launched a DSL 800A labeling machine, which is a high-speed labeling device with a speed of 800 bottles/minute and a label standard of 180mm. This labeling device is the fastest single head labeling device in the world at present. Its extremely high speed can well meet the current needs of high-speed production lines in beverage and other industries

the pre-treatment equipment manufacturers of beverages and dairy products, such as pulizheng, Jimei, Tianjin Pasteur, Tianyu, Benyou, Ruipai, xinjimei, Shengwang, Ibn, will display the latest aseptic filling equipment and filtration, and jointly develop innovative, environmental friendly and sustainable adhesive technology, new utilization equipment and sterilization equipment. Hangzhou Zhongya, Xing a, xinmeixing, Langfang Baiguan and other domestic leading enterprises will also show their strength, and display all kinds of beverage machinery, filling machines, packaging machinery, sterile filling production lines, fruit juice tea beverage production lines using cutting-edge technology

in line with the booming development of beverage and dairy markets in China and even Asia, China Brew China beverage and liquitek have set up a special plastic bottle technology to obtain the displacement of the beam (petech) by measuring the output pulse number of the photoelectric encoder. Domestic leading enterprises Guozhu, Huayan, Dongguan Jiahong, wanshide, etc. will display the latest preform manufacturing, bottles and containers, stretch blow molding machinery, injection molding, filling machines, etc. in a large area. Led by demak, huangyantuan, which is composed of regional scale enterprises such as Meg and Shengde, is also a highlight of this plastic bottle Technology Museum

the latest HFS series filling machine of Shanghai Siguo is also a candidate product for this liquid product packaging award. This machine can not only produce milk, beverage or yogurt, yogurt with large pulp (the maximum pulp can reach 10mm angle) according to the needs of customers, but also the filling temperature of the product can be selected at 4~80 degrees, and the filling accuracy can reach 1.5ml. In the production process of large pulp yogurt products, you can choose a single pulp filling device or a pulp mixing filling device, and the filling tank can also choose to have the function of heat preservation and mixing. During the film covering process, the machine can automatically adjust the deviation, so that the products are not only beautiful, but also reduce the loss of packaging materials. The powerful functions of this device are rare in the same industry

Aklin is also a participant in the liquid product packaging award. Its love shell bag has good elasticity and toughness, which is very suitable for the packaging of various liquid foods. And it has special environmental protection performance, and will not pollute the environment after treatment. The eklin concept also includes a simple and efficient production line equipped with the same unique filling machine and packaging table. During filling, it takes only 2.5 seconds for the filling machine to open the pre sealed package and fill it until it is sealed again. Shorter filling cycle and hygienic packaging make the quality of filled liquid products more prominent

infinite creativity in beautiful packaging

in addition to the equipment supply enterprises in the field of packaging machinery and post-processing in the liquid field, this liquid product packaging award also faces various packaging products and packaging containers, which has attracted many well-known liquid food terminal production enterprises to participate. The ingenious packaging design combines the sense of fashion and practicality well, and the packaging in different forms shows the brand image

recently, 5100 mineral water produced by Tibet glacier mineral water Co., Ltd., the largest mineral water enterprise in Tibet, has been fully listed. In order to match the characteristics of products from high altitude areas, its packaging bottle is also specially designed as a tall PET packaging, which is very eye-catching in the shelves of similar products. The packaging of this product requires high transparency of PET materials. At the same time, the packaging equipment has also been improved for the smooth filling and production of glacier mineral water in high altitude areas

Coca Cola has launched the latest packaging around the world for the first time in 13 years. This kind of packaging was designed by China and was first listed in Beijing. While keeping the smooth radian of the bottle body, suiku pulls the bottle body higher and thinner, presenting a higher and thinner overall effect; The internationally leading streamer streamline arc design and protruding streamer shape are innovatively used at the waist of the bottle body to accurately convey Coca Cola's brand spirit of self publicity; In the lower part of the bottle body, an original cool grain design is added, which is easy to handle and should not slide, making the whole bottle more fashionable and portable; What is more creative is that the four sides of the lower half can be combined into different pattern designs by changing different molds to suit different activity themes in different periods. This method can also save the mold cost for Coca Cola to the greatest extent

with innovation as the theme, this China Brew China beverage and liquitek exhibition attracted more than 500 top suppliers at home and abroad to participate, with a total exhibition area of more than 45000 square meters. It is expected that 30000 buyers and professional visitors from 40 countries and regions will gather on site when it is launched

the China Brew China beverage and liquitek exhibition in Beijing this September will surely gather the strength of the whole industry, promote the overall development of China's liquid food packaging industry, and promote the faster development of China's packaging level

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