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Promote the digital transformation of enterprises with the "power of famine"

recently, the 38th statistical report on the development of China's Internet Network released a report showing that as of June this year, the number of Chinese people had reached 710million, and the Internet penetration rate had reached 51.7%, 3.1 percentage points higher than the global average. At the same time, the social lifestyle shaped by mobile Internet has been further strengthened, and the Internet + action plan is promoting the diversified and mobile development of government and enterprise services

how to comply with the general trend of Internet + and successfully realize their own digital transformation? This may be the most concerned issue of all enterprises at present

in yesterday's push, "play with digitalization, IDC tells you how to transform!" It is mentioned that no matter what field the enterprise is in, it needs to always pay attention to, accurately analyze and predict the role played by the network in this transformation process, like ICT manufacturers, and then formulate targeted strategies to truly implement digital technology and digital thinking. Only in this way can enterprises calmly face all kinds of unknown challenges and seize the opportunities ignored by others. Forrester has brought some new ideas to you today:

Forrester's research report shows that since 2010, the world has entered a customer-centered era. If enterprises want to make a breakthrough, they need to focus on the whole life cycle of customers, get close to the actual needs of customers in the nearest distance, directly hit the pain points of customers, provide targeted products, which are typical energy-saving materials and services, and finally improve customer experience, so as to win customers' trust. It is expected that the global plastic processing machinery market will grow by 6.9% every year. In this context, how should enterprises grasp and deal with the opportunities and challenges brought by digital transformation:

clearly understand the future network needs

what is the future network like? To answer this question, we must clearly recognize the customer's needs for network:

1 High performance: it can meet various complex and changeable network requirements in different scenarios and application environments

2. Agile: realize the integration of wired and wireless, have dynamic scalability, automatic adaptability, and predictability, simplify operation and maintenance, and realize end-to-end network management

3. Security: it can not only ensure the security of traditional networks, but also ensure the security of cloud networks and IOT

then press "query/j" to take three steps of digital transformation

"when talking about the bottleneck of the implementation of energy-saving and environmental friendly new materials in the Chinese market, how can enterprises and enterprise managers complete the digital transformation as soon as possible? The following three steps need to be done:

first, enterprises should make a good balance and should not favor one over the other. Handle the relationship between customer experience and enterprise business, and never ignore the improvement of good customer experience because of the pure pursuit of profit maximization

secondly, enterprises should choose more open source solutions. In the digital era, network products and solutions that are compatible with open standards, adopted by mainstream technology trends, and have certain strength are the best choice for enterprises

finally, we should really start from the customer experience itself. Enterprises and enterprise managers need to fully understand the principle of customer-centered, accurately grasp the needs of customers, put forward targeted solutions, and continuously optimize the good experience of customers

Author: principal analysis serving enterprise architecture professionals? Charlie Dai, part of the article

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