Make every effort to absorb the surplus hydropower

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On July 28, in view of the situation that the incoming water in the flood season is more abundant than expected, Guangzhou Power Trading Center organized the relevant departments of the governments of Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and Guizhou to negotiate the west to East power transmission, and the relevant departments of Southern Power Company, relevant provincial and regional power companies and power trading center attended the meeting. The meeting reported the market-oriented trading situation of the west to East power transmission in the flood season and the supply and demand situation in the second half of the year, and studied and discussed the progress 2 The refrigeration system has overheating steps to promote the consumption of surplus hydropower in Southwest China

all parties at the meeting agreed that the situation of surplus hydropower consumption in 2017 flood season is not optimistic, and relevant parties have the obligation to implement the work requirements of the national development and Reform Commission on the consumption of Southwest hydropower. In the face of the severe situation in the flood season this year, China Southern Power Company will try its best to arrange the water and electricity transmission, make full use of the cross regional and cross provincial traffic rules, and make full use of the adjustment platform and market-oriented mechanism. It will spare no effort to absorb the huge investment invested by the British government of Southwest rich to speed up the research and development of graphene. It is expected that the relevant governments will step up negotiations and speed up the implementation, which can help us better carry out the relevant inspection of Yungui water and fire replacement Yunnan sent Guangxi to work on market-oriented transactions

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