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Prevent customer defection with CRM

How can enterprises prevent customer defection in business activities? To understand how to prevent customers from defecting, we must first know why customers defected. Let's first analyze the reasons for customer defection. According to experience, generally speaking, there are two main reasons for customer defection:

First: uncontrollable factors. Including the contraction or expansion of customer business, the sudden collapse of customers due to major accidents, etc. Among them, the contraction of customers' business is mainly due to the adjustment of customers' business direction, the reduction of business scope or the sale of some enterprises due to business reasons, resulting in the reduction or no demand of customers for the original products; The main reason for business expansion is that customers directly enter the upstream field where the enterprise is located, become competitors, and terminate business dealings with the enterprise

the second aspect: "controllable factors. Including the attack of competitors, the products or services provided by enterprises can not meet the needs of customers, customer complaints and problems can not be solved, and so on. Among them, the attack of competitors is mainly manifested in: competitors use lower prices, better products, better services, strong publicity and promotion offensive, use commercial bribery samples, the fracture is always broken on both sides, and other competitive means to attack and win customers. The products or services provided by enterprises can not meet the needs of customers, which is mainly reflected in the weak R & D strength of enterprises, and the development of their own products can not keep up with the development of customer needs. Customers' complaints and problems can not be solved, which are mainly reflected in the channel conflict, after-sales service, product quality and other problems. After the occurrence of a series of problems, the enterprise did not take effective solutions in time to solve them, so that the problems have been pending, leading to customer defection

the above two reasons are common in the customer management of enterprises. On the one hand, uncontrollable factors will inevitably lead to serious and unnecessary waste, which is unpredictable and irreversible. Therefore, here we mainly discuss the second aspect: how to prevent customer defection due to controllable factors

after a careful study of the defection process of key customers, we will find that in the final analysis, the defection of key customers is a transformation process from the initial loyalty to the subsequent betrayal of key customers who are dissatisfied with the products or services provided by the enterprise. Therefore, the most effective way for enterprises to prevent key customers from defecting as much as possible is to use rented CRM at low cost, continuously improve the satisfaction of key customers with enterprise products or services, and encourage the use of domestic instruments to form solid consumer loyalty according to actual needs

this paper takes the monthly rent xtoolscrm as an example to describe how to prevent customer defection by using sales management software

first, use CRM tools to communicate with customers regularly and irregularly

quickly find the contact information of customers, including fixed, email, MSN, etc., which can be achieved by CRM. Sending SMS, message, email, etc. to contact customers through the Internet has become the main way to communicate with customers. The rental software used to log in to the CRM account through the Internet naturally has this advantage

keep in-depth communication with customers. According to many examples of customer defection known by experts, a considerable number of reasons are not due to substantive problems such as product quality, but insufficient communication between enterprises and customers. From this, we can see the importance of maintaining communication with customers, especially in-depth communication

second, use CRM tools to ensure project quality, product quality, service quality

the needs and complaints of customers need to be originally recorded. Customer service personnel need to make a unified record of all customers' complaints and demands. Xtoolscrm can classify customers' complaints and demands and track the events that need to be handled

a research report in Harvard Business Review pointed out that customers who visit again can bring 25% - 85% profits, and the main reason to attract them is service quality, followed by products, and finally price. Another survey shows that a satisfied customer will trigger 8 potential businesses, of which at least 1 transaction will be concluded; A dissatisfied customer will affect the purchase intention of 25 people; The cost of winning a new customer is five times that of keeping an old customer

competition increases the difficulty and cost of winning new customers, making more and more enterprises turn to maintaining old customers. Focus on the more profitable customer base in marketing. Even without investing in new customers, enterprises can achieve most of their profit goals. Therefore, the strategy of customer relationship management (CRM) is mainly to maintain existing customers, rather than blindly strive for new customers. Let customers feel the risk of looking for suppliers again and be loyal to your products

using CRM to deal with customers' needs and complaints quickly and accurately, and improving service quality has become the main method to prevent customers from defecting

third, use CRM tools to retain high-value customers

"80/20 law" shows that 80% of the company's sales revenue comes from 20% of customers, and retaining these high-value platinum customers can make the company obtain high profits. First of all, we need to calculate the 20% customers of the company through CRM. Many enterprises do not know who these customers are. CRM can provide a direction; Let the input-output ratio of customer service work be the highest

the customer's view is that suppliers that can cooperate for a long time should have four basic conditions and good product quality; Have satisfactory service quality; Timely and sufficient delivery (including in case of emergency) and smooth logistics; The value of products or services is equal to or higher than that of competitors, that is, the added value of products or services cannot be lower than that of competitors, which provides enterprises with a standard item that may become the evaluation of customer satisfaction

therefore, in order to achieve sustainable development, the company must establish a concept of sustainable operation, establish a continuous and permanent customer relationship with "customers", cultivate employees and customers with long-term and loyalty potential, and having long-term customers and long-term employees will be the driving force and guarantee for the sustainable operation of the company

how to use CRM software to improve the relationship between enterprises and customers, build a new management mechanism, establish and maintain customer relations, improve customer loyalty and maximize it has become the most concerned problem of many companies. How to implement this new mechanism quickly, at low cost and at low risk has become the choice of many enterprises to use monthly rent CRM through the Internet. (end)

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