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Major special guidelines for CNC machine tools will be released, aiming at four major areas. Wu Bolin, director general of China Machine Tool Industry Association, said a few days ago that "major special guidelines for high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment" will be released in the middle of this month, which means that the last of the 16 major national science and technology projects, which can stop stretching, tightening, twists and other functional experiments on various data, will be launched

China Securities News learned that this major project is mainly aimed at four major industries: aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive and power generation equipment. The goal of the special project is that by 2020, more than 80% of the high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment required by these four industries should be based on domestic production. Analysts believe that high-end CNC machine tools have great potential to replace imported products

according to the equipment required in the four fields, the China Securities News learned that among the key tasks proposed in the major special implementation plan, the main machine focuses on the development of high-speed and precision composite CNC metal cutting machine tools (18 kinds), Heavy CNC metal cutting helps us expand machine tools (7 kinds), CNC special processing machine tools (4 kinds), and large CNC forming and stamping equipment (11 kinds), These basically cover the variety needs of the four major users for high-end CNC machine tools in the next years. They are CNC equipment urgently needed in the four fields. These products are products that are difficult to import from abroad or are not exported to China from abroad

it is understood that with the development of the four major industries, in addition to the key tasks listed in the special projects, there is also a need for a large number of CNC machine tools and special machine tools of different types and specifications, such as various CNC special equipment required for the manufacture of large aircraft, the "CNC blade root slot milling machine" and the "CNC rotor slot milling machine" required for the processing of large turbine and generator rotors It is suggested to implement the rolling plan for the implementation of special projects and timely supplement the NC major equipment projects urgently needed by the four major industries, such as the "CNC forming gear milling machine" and "CNC forming gear grinding machine" required for the processing of wind power equipment, the "ultra heavy deep space drilling machine" required for the processing of large nuclear power pressure vessels, the breaking machine tool for the processing of connecting rods of key components of automobile engines, and the efficient and automated flexible production line

the localization rate will reach 80%

User experts in the four service fields and manufacturing experts in key machine tool enterprises who participated in the survey generally believe that at present, China's CNC machine tools are still in the stage of massive import. In 2007, the market share of domestic CNC machine tools was 48%; Especially for high-end CNC machine tools, the percentage of domestic products is only single digits

the goal of this special project is that by 2020, more than 80% of the high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment required for aerospace, marine, automotive and power generation equipment manufacturing will be based in China. Wu believes that this goal is of high standard, but it should be achieved through policy support and efforts in all aspects

Wu Bolin told the China Securities News that the "technical regulations" of the Beijing Municipal Construction Commission resolutely fulfilled the provisions of the Fire Department of the Ministry of public security, and the technical route of major projects put forward the principle of "demand-oriented, host traction". That is, the project of new product development of high-end CNC machine tools should be based on the actual needs of market users, and the development of common and key technologies and functional components should be guided by the hydraulic system of the main engine tensile testing machine, which adopts a separate oil tank formed by welding steel plates, and the fundamental purpose is to meet the needs of the main engine. The special project also put forward the idea of organizing and implementing the "first application demonstration project" of high-end CNC machine tools

or a large number of imports will be replaced

Guodu securities Xu Caicai said that although the proportion of China's machine tool exports is not high and the total amount is small, the growth rate is much higher than that of imported products. At present, the technical level of China's domestic CNC machine tools is improving, and they can replace imports in some fields. In the future, high-end CNC machine tools have great potential to replace imported products. The export market is still in its infancy and has great potential for development in the future

in view of the situation of "five giants standing side by side" in the domestic machine tool market, Xu Caicai believes that Kunming Machine tool is the enterprise with the highest numerical control rate among listed companies, and it is a traditional milling and boring machine advantage enterprise in China; East China CNC has obvious advantages in the design and production of gantry grinder and gantry milling machine. The company is also the only enterprise in China that can produce Borg plate grinder, which will be widely used in the construction of high-speed railway in the future. The joint venture company established by East China CNC and Germany siszhuangming company will further expand the company's product line and expand its advantages in the field of heavy machine tools

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