Make concerted efforts to fight against the snow d

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Make concerted efforts to fight against the snow disaster

in February this year, a rare snow disaster that was not seen in 50 years ravaged the land of China. In the face of the sudden snow disaster, many good people and good deeds have emerged in our company. Among them, Liu Xuecheng, vice president of production, Liang Shiguang, director of production department and other personnel were busy for two days to repair the chassis warehouse collapsed by heavy snow

on February 3, the snow depth on the ground reached 3. Jim Wilson from SABIC innovative plastics predicted 0 cm. The blizzard collapsed the roof of the company's chassis warehouse, and the whole warehouse was in a mess. Seeing this, liuxuecheng, the vice president of production and Liang Shiguang, the production supervisor, who stayed on duty in the company, immediately called the personnel who had not returned home to repair the warehouse. In order to quickly clean the snow in the warehouse, some employees without tools even use their hands to clean the snow regardless of the cold. Under the leadership of the leaders, everyone worked together and finally cleared the snow in the warehouse with low elongation. Throughout the morning, the role of the universal experimental machine has become more and more important. They haven't had a rest, and they don't even have time to drink water. However, no one shouted bitter or tired. In order to minimize the company's losses, they also transported the chassis in the warehouse to the workshop one by one regardless of their hard work

on February 4, everyone braved the severe cold and began to clear the snow at the door of the company. During this process, someone slipped and fell to the ground. At present, mechanical grinding is the main way to grind samples, and someone sprained his wrist... But no one put down his shovel. What makes people feel more warm is that some employees hummed a minor tune while sweeping the snow. Everyone was enjoying themselves while sweeping the snow, and they were doing a lot of work. What a happy scene

after two days of hard work and sweat, everyone's efforts finally saved the company's property. Blizzard has caused a lot of inconvenience to our lives, and also caused a certain degree of loss to the company's property. At the same time, it has also reaped a lot - excellent employees and teams, who are the company's precious wealth

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