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As a strategic emerging industry, semiconductor lighting is one of the important ways for China to develop low-carbon economy, adjust industrial structure and green development. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the major project of "research and development of key materials and technologies for efficient semiconductor lighting" was supported in the field of new material technology under the 863 plan. Recently, the office of new materials technology of the 863 program organized experts to inspect and accept the project in Beijing

"key materials for efficient semiconductor lighting, but unfortunately, material technology research and development (phase I) and (phase II)" projects have carried out the key technologies, chips and seals of LED epitaxy and industrialization with high luminous efficiency and low cost on Si and sapphire substrates. We hope to develop high-quality SiC and Gan substrates, deep UV LED devices The achievements of high-efficiency white light OLED devices and lamps, high-quality Gan epitaxial materials, high-power LED thin film flip chip devices, etc., have obtained high-quality white light lighting products with independent intellectual property rights, and achieved the localization of key materials such as high-purity metal organic compound (MO) sources, phosphors, silica gel, as well as the application of LED in plant growth, medical and other fields

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, in order to accelerate the scientific and technological innovation and industrialization development in the field of materials, the Ministry of science and technology formulated the special plan for scientific and technological innovation in the field of materials during the 13th Five Year Plan period, focusing on the development of strategic electronic materials, advanced structures and composites, new functional and intelligent materials, to meet the development needs of strategic emerging industries. In the development direction of strategic electronic materials, the third-generation semiconductor materials and semiconductor lighting technology are systematically laid out, and the key research contents include: the regulation law of epitaxial growth of large-size and high-quality third-generation semiconductor substrates and thin film materials, the green manufacturing technology of the whole technology chain of high-efficiency full spectrum light source core materials, devices and lamps, beyond the key technologies of lighting and visible light communication, system integration and application demonstration, High performance RF devices, power electronic devices and their module design, process technology and application demonstration, new nano materials can repair soil heavy metal pollution, core equipment manufacturing technology, etc

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