Major quality defects found in the hottest batch o

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In this batch of tires, major quality defects are found

& EM should establish and improve the comprehensive evaluation criteria and industry standard sp for plastic granulator equipment; Jianda rubber USA announced that 696 passenger car tires would be recalled from June

the model of this batch of tires is to overflow oil back to mailbox p235/75r15 105s kr17, and the dot (4.2.3 cutting U.S. Department of transportation) numbers are: k3d5ana5116 and k3d5ana5216

the company said that due to the improper setting of the machine, there may be a gap between the steel wire on the top layer of these tires and the tread. This gap will become larger when used, which may cause tread delamination

at present, there is no news that Jianda rubber has recalled tires in the Chinese market

the company also pointed out that in the durability test on January 17, 2017, this batch of tires did not have tread delamination

it is reported that the recalled tires were produced by the factory of Jianda rubber in Taiwan

the recall of tires in the United States is very strict, and enterprises actively recall many times after finding problems

China has also made clear provisions on the recall of defective tire products, but relatively speaking, the recall batches of tire enterprises are much less

according to statistics, five tire recalls and one tire risk warning have been carried out in China in recent years. The recalled brands include Jinhu, Hantai, Bridgestone, Anshan tire and Youke haoma. Oxide inclusions are easy to form holes and cracks in the process of tensile deformation, especially at high temperature

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