After the hottest year, more chemical enterprises

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Years later, more chemical enterprises will die on these problems

years later, more chemical enterprises will die on these problems

Avoid or reduce the rise and fall of pistons

February 2, 2018

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recently, a number of chemical enterprises, including silicone enterprises, issued pre increase announcements for 2017. The data are very good, the increase is very large, and the momentum is very strong! But it would be too superficial to judge that all enterprises in the industry are making a lot of money

when you see several happy companies, you should also see several worries: chemical enterprises have made money! Which chemical enterprises made money? The leading enterprises in the industry are at least large enterprises with a certain scale. Who lost again? Small enterprises and most downstream enterprises! And the number of these enterprises can be said to be far more than profitable enterprises. Therefore, under the appearance of a good situation, more chemical enterprises actually live in dire straits. This dilemma will be further aggravated in the next game

supply side reform eliminate chemical enterprises with backward equipment and technology

when it comes to the supply side reform in the chemical industry, many people don't understand it and think that there is no overcapacity or even insufficient supply in many areas of the chemical industry. This understanding deviates from the focus of supply side reform! Supply side reform not only eliminates excess capacity, but also aims to eliminate backward capacity, that is, high consumption, high pollution and high emission capacity, which is particularly prominent in the chemical industry. Naturally, the chemical industry has become a key industry in the national supply side reform, and it has been and will be

environmental protection tax collection relay environmental protection verification

long term mechanism to shut down more small and medium-sized enterprises

as for the chemical industry, environmental protection constraints will still be an important starting point for the supply side reform of the industry

Recently, the local people's congresses and the people's congresses have been opened one after another, and government work reports have been released one after another. Gong Zhengzheng, the governor of Shandong Province, proposed in the government work report that this year, we will resolutely fight the battle of pollution prevention and control, and vigorously promote the feedback of the central environmental protection supervisor. The researchers found that Bacillus megaterium can produce PHB for the first time, so that the rectification and implementation can be implemented, and the implementation of the rectification and reform can be achieved without any mistakes; Yuan Jiajun, the governor of Zhejiang Province, pointed out that we should adhere to the "cage for birds, Phoenix Nirvana" and comprehensively implement the action plan for the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. After the feedback of the central environmental protection supervisor was issued, it can be said that all provinces take a more serious attitude towards environmental protection, and the next measures will be more stringent

whether the appearance of the six local supervision bureaus or the introduction of environmental protection regulations, especially the imposition of environmental protection tax, a continuous long-term environmental protection mechanism is being established! More chemical enterprises that fail to meet environmental protection standards will be shut down or renovated! The integration of the chemical industry will also be further deepened objectively

the chemical industry park will also become a high-pressure area for environmental protection supervision

chemical industry park is the mainstream mode of China's chemical industry development in recent years, and it is one of the means for the government to govern chemical enterprises. Entering the chemical industry park is not only the requirement of the government, but also the best choice for many chemical enterprises. I thought that entering the chemical park was not just plastic bags, but everything would be fine and would not be shut down again. However, Shandong, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hebei and other provinces across the country have begun to shut down and cancel some chemical parks. The "umbrella" effect of chemical industry parks has failed. In the future, the chemical industry park will also become a high-pressure area for environmental protection supervision

industrial concentration is further improved

leading enterprises make big profits and small and medium-sized enterprises face great difficulties

the supply side reform and environmental protection storm have eliminated a number of small chemical plants, and the elimination of small and medium-sized chemical enterprises is a good opportunity for large enterprises to expand the market. With the shutdown of small and medium-sized enterprises, the high-quality customers of these enterprises will also be taken over by large enterprises, and the enterprises will provide them with more high-end products and better services after the break of large materials. The market concentration is further improved, and the general trend of the industry will continue to move towards the situation of the strong stronger and the weak dead

what is lost is not a certain section of the industrial chain, but a whole string

in terms of the silicone industry, under the great storm, a number of monomer enterprises were shut down, limited production or reorganized. However, it affects a series of enterprises, including upstream and downstream. The city gate caught fire, which affected the fish in the pond. The factory is closed, there is no demand for upstream raw materials, and there is no further supply for downstream orders. This is also one of the reasons for the soaring price of silicone raw materials in 2017. The sharp rise in the price of silicone led to the profits of downstream enterprises being greatly compressed, and many enterprises had to limit production or even stop production

to sum up, it can be said that the "battle of life and death" of chemical enterprises has come. If you live in the past, you will earn endless money. If you can't survive, you will die ugly

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