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Federal high house customization cuts the complexity and simplifies it, and brings you a feeling of the new Chinese style with the poetic flavor of life in its bones

when talking about Chinese style, you will unconsciously come up with all kinds of ancient tall wooden furniture, so many people will think that the thick charm of Chinese style must be carried in such a large space

compared with the traditional Chinese style solidified in cognition, the new Chinese style pays more attention to simplifying and simplifying, and uses simple techniques to meet the aesthetic needs of modern people. Under the preservation of Chinese core culture, reinterpret its connotation and profound artistic conception in a modern way

the layout of new Chinese style is not the patent of large-scale luxury houses. Small spaces can also create a tranquil and Zen atmosphere through the collocation of Chinese elements. Deconstruct the classic elements of Chinese style for you, and make life a poem

New Chinese style


all along, after Chinese style was "endorsed" by mahogany furniture, many people think that Chinese style should be equated with heavy tone. Is this really the case

the red dress is more charming and charming, and the elegant color matching of red rose and gentleman black brightens people's eyes. Jump out of the boring Chinese style in traditional thinking, let the seemingly rigid red and black colors bloom a new look, and leave a little lingering charm for life fireworks

the new Chinese style emphasizes the connotation of artistic conception, and even the lightest color can reveal the host's mood. Paint gray low-key show quiet simple and elegant nature, with the depth of space gray embellishment, so that the study is filled with the elegance of literati

new Chinese style

white space

Chinese design pays attention to being implicit and introverted, and prefers to use "white" to leave unlimited space for reverie. A little "emptiness" can render the atmosphere and whisk away the heavy sadness of life

the new Chinese style blank design is made in the entrance porch to achieve the first aesthetic feeling of pushing the door into the house. The central part of the porch cabinet is left blank, which interprets the beauty of symmetry and forms a far-reaching visual effect with space ash

the height of the porch cabinet is moderate, and the wall is left blank so that the visual center of gravity falls on the porch cabinet. The combination of the fine texture of the paint gray and the calm and steady space gray makes the traditional Chinese door buckle handle more exquisite and elegant

new Chinese style

hollowed out

new Chinese style, which exudes classical elegance from its bones, pays more attention to the subtle softness and calmness in addition to the far-reaching artistic conception. Different hollowed out designs can be carried out for window tracers, partitions and background walls to show the essence of Chinese style

if small houses want to play the new Chinese style wonderfully, they must have various transparent designs. The new Chinese fence partition of the guest restaurant combines the characteristics of the screen and realizes the modern partition function at the same time

the living room is not big, but the hollowed out design behind the sofa background wall makes Chinese style charm flourish. The hollowed out Pipa is half covered, which is thought-provoking. At the same time, visual depth is formed to achieve another open pattern

combine the needs of modern human settlements with Chinese classical elements, making the square inch suddenly chic and elegant





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