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Help you calculate how much money you need to prepare before decoration

it is very important to think about how much you will spend and how much you can afford before decoration! Extremely important! Important important

the decoration fund of a house is roughly used for the following 17 parts:

1 Reconstruction of hydropower lines

2. Furniture and ceiling (including buying and making)

3. Cabinet and bathroom walls and floors are waterproof

4. Paint and coating

5. Cupboard

6. Toilet sanitary ware (toilet, bathtub, washstand)

7. Floors and floor tiles

8.. Hardware materials

9. Threshold stone (terrace stone)

10. Cupboard, bathroom and balcony tiles

11. Lamps and lanterns

12. Curtains and accessories

13. Electrical appliances (water heaters, air conditioners, smoking machines, gas stoves, exhaust fans, etc.)

14. Anti theft door

15. Cabinet and bathroom ceiling

16. Installation cost of lamps, sanitary wares, etc

17. Size decorations

I have consulted some home decoration experts about the cost of home decoration. About 500-700 yuan per square meter can fully decorate a good quality home. If you have no special needs, multiply the square meter of your home room by 500-700 yuan, which is almost the total decoration budget of your home. If you are decorating an old house, add another 30% - 40% to this amount

among the above items, the first five items may be directly related to the decoration company. If you buy cabinets, there are only the first four items. Many owners will bargain with the decoration company on items 2, 3 and 4, ignoring item 1. As I said before, the floating space of unit price calculated by owners has become smaller and smaller under the market competition. Too much care about the low price, and meet the mercenary villain will inevitably lead to inferior materials into your home. Therefore, it is important to understand the basic price space

in addition, owners often start to see the unit price in the reconstruction of water and electricity, thinking that it will not cost a lot of money, and blindly require that all kinds of lines be laid to each room. As a result, the final account will exceed the budget. Some shouted that the decoration company had deceived him. In fact, if this price really brings convenience to your future life, the theory of being cheated is not tenable

I suggest: Hydropower transformation requires high safety. There is no need to have network and sound cable in every room. However, air conditioners and sockets should be considered as well as possible, and those that should be buried and replaced must not be saved. When reviewing the decoration contract, ask the company to come up with the basic unit price of water and electricity transformation. Measure the approximate length of the line reconstruction by yourself to see if your economy can bear it. Don't argue at last

the capital investment of items 6 to 17 can be decided by the owner independently. After running through the market, understanding the brand, comparing prices, measuring pockets, and spending in a planned way are what every industry leader should do well. Many people had insufficient funds, and they didn't care about the price in purchasing, so they felt that a little more was nothing. The result is to be shy in the late stage of decoration

facilities used for a long time should be beautiful and practical, such as toilets, cabinets, etc. Reduce the input of things that are worn out and can be replaced at any time, such as curtains, sofas, etc

also, you'd better consider your own capital reserves while increasing projects

do as much as you have. If the funds are not sufficient, don't start work blindly

the clear owner has seen it. The project funds for the decoration company can be budgeted in advance. More overspending contents are under the control of the owners themselves

new house decoration will also teach people the ability to reasonably arrange funds. I wish all owners to make great efforts to accumulate funds and improve their financial management ability in family decoration





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