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As for the whole household occupation, it undoubtedly experienced a major test last year, and many companies are even facing the question of survival. Under the backdrop of rising environmental protection requirements, China's aluminum alloy door and window companies have to face the dilemma of declining orders. The first quarter of 2016 has passed, so what are the key points for the joining career of aluminum alloy doors and windows

in fact, in 2016, there will be three key points for the joining of China's aluminum alloy doors and windows profession this year, namely:

first, the transformation of housing in shantytowns

at present, there are 100million urban shantytowns residents. The country is expected to complete the renovation of 15million residential units by 2017, which is a big business opportunity for aluminum alloy door and window shopping malls

Second, urbanization brings new shopping malls

China's urbanization construction has reached 50%, but among the 750million people living in the city, 250million migrant workers have not yet entered the city. This group of people joined the city, which is a potential shopping mall for aluminum alloy doors and windows to join the profession

the third and second child policy stock move children's furniture shopping malls

the increase in population will promote the rising demand for aluminum alloy doors and windows. In the future, the post-80s and post-90s will enter the peak of marriage, and the spending on aluminum alloy doors and windows will stimulate new demand. By 2020, the income of urban and rural residents will double that of 2010, which will stimulate new spending momentum and continue to sell stock aluminum alloy doors and windows

although there are good policies, it is not the best way for aluminum alloy door and window companies to rely on the Internet and negotiate policies. "The Internet is just a tool and a selling path. If you want to surround the shopping mall when it is not very prosperous, you can't rely on the Internet alone." Industry insiders, "the key is still to rely on their own products. If you still want to achieve results by plagiarism as in those days, it is now very difficult. Companies that still achieved double-digit increases last year have made great efforts in commodity planning and commodity quality."

for the development of aluminum alloy doors and windows companies in 2016, we must first adhere to the transformation and promotion. To win the development, the company should enhance the central competitiveness of the brand, continuously improve the added value of the brand, expand the brand influence, and then promote the continuous, stable and healthy development of the brand company through scientific skill innovation, commodity innovation and marketing innovation

secondly, we should continue to improve the handling level. The managers of aluminum alloy door and window companies should gradually complete the high integration of industrialization and informatization, use modern skills for informatization and institutionalization, select professional production, transform traditional industries with modern skills, follow the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction, reduce capital consumption, and improve the utilization rate of capital

in addition, we should enhance the concentration of our profession. We should adjust the industrial structure of the joining profession of aluminum alloy doors and windows, deal with the problems of severe commodity homogenization and the establishment of factories in different places, enhance the occupational concentration through the annexation and reorganization between companies, screen the backward production capacity with poor commodity quality and low operating efficiency, and continue to unswervingly adhere to the export, occupy shopping malls, and improve the level of aluminum alloy doors and windows in China

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