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The budget list is not the final total project price, but an important basis for the final settlement. Therefore, it is necessary to review clearly and reduce errors and omissions, so as to ensure that the decoration project will not exceed the budget again and again. So, how to review the decoration budget

1. The quotation is not evaluated by the total price

in the quotation provided by different companies, the materials and construction processes may be different. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of decoration companies cannot be evaluated simply by the price of the quotation, which needs to be carefully compared

2. Review the design and construction drawings

before reviewing the decoration quotation, you should review the design drawings first. This is the basis of budget quotation

3. Check the construction project against the design drawings

when reviewing the decoration quotation, you first need to check against the design drawings. According to the design drawings, we can clearly see whether there are additions and omissions in the items on the quotation. Check the items carefully. How to save money in decoration? On, free design budget quotation. Because some missed projects must be indispensable when they arrive at the site for construction, it is inevitable to overspend

4. Check the construction area against the drawings

check the specific quantity and construction area of each project in the decoration quotation with reference to the drawings. The data calculation on the decoration quotation should be consistent with that on the design drawings

5. See the description of materials and construction technology

the more detailed the decoration quotation is, the better. In the quotation Description column of a project, the decoration company should list what brand and model of materials are used and what kind of construction technology is used. The description of materials and construction process should be detailed. It can be said that the most important and important column in the quotation is not the price, but the material and construction technology used

6. View the quotation UOM

pay attention to the UOM in the quotation, which will directly affect the final quotation

7. Special quotation for special projects

during the construction of home decoration, it is inevitable that some special construction situations or special decoration requirements will occur. The charges of these items are often not reflected in the initial quotation. Therefore, it is normal for the quotation to differ from the actual expenditure. Just note that this gap should be controlled within a certain range, not too large





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