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Flexographic printing - the best choice for carton printing processing, including load sensor force measurement, microcomputer display experimental force and experimental curve

only after die cutting, waste discharge and forming, even after discarding the processed cartons, can they have the performance of actual packaging, transportation or drinking cups, and can they be called a real practical packaging. There are still many factors that restrict the processing efficiency of the carton processing plant, such as sheet fed or web fed, circular die-cutting or flat die-cutting, on-line die-cutting or off-line die-cutting, which directly affect the production capacity, enterprise benefits and customer service ability of the whole factory

in the carton processing industry, the processing technologies that occupy a large market share are still sheet fed, multi machine offset printing and flat pressing and die cutting. The process flow is as follows:

paper roll - sheet fed - pause - Printing - pause - breakthrough - die cutting - pause - waste discharge - finished carton processing

sheet fed carton processors must take two ways to lead in the competition: first, achieve high-speed production as much as possible under the existing equipment; Second, realize low-cost production under mass processing. For example, the cartons of different specifications can be processed together only by selecting performance grades

the high equipment investment cost, the time-consuming printing activity conversion and the difficulty of managing multiple groups of processing equipment at the same time, especially the difference in speed matching between printing and post press processing, are continuously reducing the proportion of sheet fed offset printing, flat pressing and die cutting in carton processing

the typical flexographic printing line processing process is that the web material directly enters the printing part, and then the processed finished products are output from the other end. The process flow is:

paper roll - printing + die cutting - finished carton processing

this production method reduces capital investment, die cutting consumption and labor investment, and shortens the time for finished products to reach customers. After realizing this difference and considering the requirements of processing period, the following results can be obtained: offset printing requires 5 sets of printing equipment, while flexo printing requires only one set of printing equipment; Offset printing requires 6 processes, while flexographic printing requires only 2 processes; Offset printing requires 10-12 workers, while flexo printing requires only 2-3 workers. The advantages and disadvantages of the technology are obvious

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