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TD engineering's best 3D design solution

td engineering fully integrates the traditional 2D design and innovative 3D design functions into a single design environment, providing manufacturing enterprises with highly competitive CAD solutions, enabling enterprises to design products more quickly, efficiently and flexibly. Part modeling, 2d/3d conversion, integrated sheet metal functions, pipe creation and management, advanced assembly management, intelligent objects, animation, data exchange with other CAD systems, rich mechanical parts library, direct fem/fea interface, product data management, all of which are included in this easy-to-use product. TD engineering makes the product development of mechanical manufacturing enterprises even stronger and wins the challenge of the market

2d/3d/plm is fully integrated. The design environment of TD engineering is fully integrated with 2d/3d/plm. No additional wizard is required when 2D is switched to 3D mode. Thinkdesign provides an industry-leading 2D and 3D working environment with good interoperability. Both 2D and 3D can be fully integrated with thinkplm. So that the company can reuse historical data, give full play to the maximum benefits of historical data, and avoid the risks caused by the conversion of design platform

autocad compatibility TD engineering provides full AutoCAD compatibility: 2D drawings can be imported into TD engineering, and the original design can be modified and reused, just like the original drawings of TD engineering. The excellent architecture of TD engineering ensures the high-accuracy conversion function

interactive experimental force accuracy: 2% ⑴ 00% interactive modeling technology the latest interactive modeling technology allows direct modification of solid models, whether native or imported, to help users completely get rid of the logic constraints generated in the modeling process and solve the problem that the imported files cannot be modified due to the lack of historical features. Now the part geometry can be modified directly, The manufacturing standard gb10586 for environmental experimental equipment requires that a lot of time be spent to understand the modeling process of parts! Based on powerful solid modeling and surface functions, TD engineering provides an innovative, flexible and easy-to-use modeling environment

smart objects and link size smart objects are a unique function of thinkdesign. Smart objects enable users to capture and re-use the experimental method's requirements for measurement operations, or share some or all of the contents of a design. This will ensure maximum consistency within the company, reduce errors in the design process and shorten the design cycle. Link size is a breakthrough and intuitive design function. When inputting or features, you can click the desired geometry, and then directly input parameters. The link size will adapt to the changes of the model while retaining the design results. This can shorten the time of complex parts design and assembly process, and reduce the errors in the design. The efficiency is much higher than the traditional methods. By linking dimensions, you can quickly create 3D models based on dwg/dxf drawing files

the design flexibility of TD engineering, the integrated sheet metal function, makes design engineers more handy when designing sheet metal parts. Engineers can design directly from scratch or from existing parts. These parts can be designed with thinkdesign or standard format files from other systems, such as IGES and step. TD engineering can manage sheet metal parts with other features on the side, even if it contains multiple bend factors. In addition, it can automatically generate high-quality expansion drawings suitable for factory processing

advanced assembly management function TD engineering provides industry-leading large-scale assembly management functions for, while supporting top-down and bottom-up assembly. The simplified representation allows you to quickly load and view assemblies while retaining the entire assembly reference data. The visual label greatly simplifies the navigation function of large assemblies, and the use of symbol reference can quickly replace parts or assemblies. You can create different configurations of assemblies. The interference detection function can detect the interference inside the assembly, detect the conflicts between parts or components at the design stage, and find errors

2d and 3D conversion functiontd engineering provides 2D conversion functions. Supported formats include DWG, DXF, IGES and draftmaker. At the same time, it also provides the 3D conversion function to bring the required shapes to the bottle bottom, such as IGES, step, STL, VDA, VRML, wavefront, IV, viewpoint, thinkdesign neutral format and ASCII points. Thinkdirect (optional plug-in) of think3 supports all mainstream 3d software formats, such as CATIA V5 read/write, pro/e read, Parasolid, CATIA V4 read/write (including 2D), etc

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