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The best choice for carton printing die-cutting

flexographic printing linkage processing line has been more and more used in folding carton processing, becoming the fastest-growing printing processing method, and bringing great impetus to the development of carton processing industry. Even in some areas with the slowest growth of carton processing market, there has been a great development

up to now, there are still some processors who do not think that post press processing such as die cutting, waste discharge and molding processing is a crucial link in flexographic printing production. However, only after die-cutting, waste discharge and molding processing, the carton can have the actual packaging and transportation performance, and can be called a real practical packaging. Imperfect post press processing actually makes perfect printing meaningless

up to now, there are still many factors restricting the processing efficiency of carton processing plants. For example, whether to use sheet fed or web fed, whether to use circular die cutting or flat die cutting, and whether to use online die cutting or offline die cutting directly affect the production capacity of the whole factory, the interests of the enterprise and the ability to serve customers

comparison between sheet fed paper and web paper processing

in the carton processing industry, the processing technologies that still occupy a large market share are sheet fed paper, multi machine offset printing, flat pressing and flat die cutting. The process flow is as follows:

paper roll - sheet fed - pause - Printing - pause - Rush - pause - die cutting - pause - waste discharge - finished carton processing

evaluate from the aspects of capital investment and labor cost. If you still operate a carton processing plant in this mode, you will certainly face great pressure

therefore, there are only two ways for the existing sheet fed carton processors to take the lead in the competition: one is to achieve the highest possible production speed with the existing equipment; Second, realize low-cost production under mass processing, such as processing a variety of cartons of different specifications together

the high equipment investment cost, the time-consuming printing conversion and the difficulty of managing multiple groups of processing equipment at the same time, especially the difference in speed matching between printing and post press processing, are continuously reducing the proportion of sheet fed offset printing + flat press die cutting in carton processing

the typical flexographic printing line processing process is a mode in which the web material directly enters the printing part, and then the processed finished products are output from the other end. The process flow is:

paper roll - printing + die cutting - processed cartons

obviously, this production mode reduces capital investment, die cutting consumption and labor input, and shortens the time for finished products to reach customers. This is very different from the multiple processing procedures of repeated loading and unloading in the processing of sheet fed paper boxes

after realizing this difference and considering the requirements of processing period, the following results can be compared: offset printing requires 5 sets of printing equipment, which is the main period for Chinese construction machinery enterprises to integrate or deepen into the world and start with the world, while flexographic printing requires only one set of printing equipment; Offset printing requires 6 processes, while flexographic printing requires only 2 processes; Offset printing ultimately requires 10 ~ 12 workers, while flexographic printing only requires 2 ~ 3 workers. The advantages and disadvantages of technology are obvious

comparison between round die-cutting and flat die-cutting

whether it is sheet fed or web printing, if flat die-cutting is equipped, there will be some defects in the subsequent processing. Therefore, the choice of die-cutting process has become the second important decisive factor in carton processing

although the price of the round pressing die-cutting die is still higher than that of the flat pressing die-cutting die, the gradual reduction of the price of the round pressing die-cutting die and the gradual improvement of its reliability have continuously expanded its popularity. So far, more and more carton processors have realized the superiority of the round pressing die-cutting processing method, which is mainly reflected in the recognition of higher average processing speed, similarity and consistency of processing technology (rotary printing + round pressing die-cutting), lower investment and simple and fast preparation

from table 1, it is easy to see the cost advantage of the round pressing die-cutting method. In terms of equipment investment, the price of a flat die-cutting machine is enough to purchase multiple round die-cutting machines. Although the round pressing of these new materials may change everyone's life in the near future, the price of the round die-cutting plate is slightly higher, but its investment can be postponed. Only when a special carton processing order is actually received, the mold needs to be purchased. Furthermore, the modern round pressing die-cutting plate has been manufactured very accurately, so that most of the pre press preparation work is completed in the mold processing plant. The preparation work of the die-cutting plate, such as backing plate, hollowing out, and sticking indentation backing strip no longer exists in the printing enterprises. The printing enterprises only need a thin piece of double-sided tape to stick the plate. In fact, it also reduces the cost

of course, the most important of all factors is still productivity. Compared with the linkage flat die-cutting process, the production efficiency of the round die-cutting process is much higher. After the successful adoption of new methods such as reducing cutting blank, the successful factor of carton processing and production is the processing quantity per unit time, that is, how to improve production efficiency. Although the combination of flat die-cutting and web printing process also has a high processing speed, the actual processing capacity is not as good as that of circular die-cutting due to the high equipment maintenance cost, the difficulty of die-cutting waste discharge and the difficulty of registration

of course, circular pressing and die cutting are not omnipotent. The flat pressing and die-cutting process still has advantages in the processing and production of small cartons for large format printing, and even exceeds the processing capacity of narrow width rotary + circular pressing and die-cutting process in some aspects

it should be noted that there are many types of round pressing die-cutting equipment, which requires a wealth of knowledge to make a successful choice

solid die-cutting plate and magnetic die specific users need to customize the cutting plate according to their own use conditions

solid die-cutting plate of steel alloy has been the most important die-cutting plate used for circular die-cutting in recent 20 years. In the past, the price of die-cutting plate was expensive. Considering that the carton processors should continue to maintain their competitive advantage, the price of die has been significantly reduced in recent years, almost to the point that the carton processors no longer need to consider too much. The mold manufacturing and processing technology has also been advanced to the point that it can be delivered within a few days (it may take several weeks in the past, and even several months for large molds). The processing accuracy of the mold is also getting higher and higher, and all die cutting processing preparations have been completed before the mold is delivered

although the mold manufacturing process is constantly reducing the cost of the mold, there are still some deficiencies for some carton processors and some production conditions. In order to make up for this as soon as possible, mold manufacturers have accelerated the development of flexible die-cutting plates, namely magnetic die-cutting plates. It uses a magnetic roller to fix the die-cutting plate

the development of magnetic die-cutting plate is very rapid, mainly because of its low price. The price of a set of magnetic die-cutting plates is only about 25% ~ 30% of the price of a set of solid die-cutting plates. Through the application in recent years, the magnetic die-cutting plate has established its position in the processing of ultra few cartons. It can be applied to the trial production of carton samples and test articles, especially when the carton processor is not sure whether a certain carton can be processed in large quantities. Generally, if the carton processor can reasonably calculate the annual production of less than 8million cartons, the magnetic die-cutting plate can be used. When the annual production of more than 8million cartons, the solid die-cutting plate is more suitable

two differences should be noted here. First, most of the magnetic die-cutting processing needs an auxiliary process or a waste discharge box, which is different from the solid die-cutting processing. The solid die cutting plate has been equipped with an integrated pin type waste discharge part, so it has advantages in simplicity, reliability and processing speed; Second, the magnetic die-cutting plate can not be reground after the passivation of the die-cutting blade, while the solid die-cutting plate can be reground for 3 ~ 5 times after the passivation of the normal die-cutting blade, and has the characteristics of wide measurement range, high precision and fast response. This is why we should select different die-cutting versions based on the processing quantity of 8million cartons mentioned above

future development trend

with the application of some innovative technologies, the resistance of carton processors who have been used to the old processing mode of sheet fed offset printing + flat pressing and die cutting to new changes is the biggest obstacle to the application of flexo printing + circular pressing and die cutting. Up to now, a considerable amount of funds have been invested in old-fashioned processing equipment and traditional carton processing methods, and some major equipment suppliers keep reminding each carton processor what to do. However, they often do not understand the market pressure and enterprise demand faced by carton processors. Only new technologies that meet the future needs of carton processors will urge them to carefully understand the new processing mode

flexographic printing equipment suppliers and manufacturers of rotary pressing and die-cutting equipment have realized that based on common long-term interests, both sides should cooperate with each other to complete the alternation and transition of new and old equipment and processes as simply and smoothly as possible. Once carton processors understand the advantages of the new production process, they will learn from various channels, from learning the theory of flexographic printing processing to learning to correctly install the magnetic die-cutting plate

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