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According to the analysis of insiders, from the perspective of product import prices, except for a few products, the prices of most new chemical materials and fine chemical products with high technical content rose against the trend, indicating that these products are still in the growth period in China; In addition, due to the flourishing market and the high technology content of these products and the monopoly of technology by a few multinational companies, these multinational companies still want to make excess profits in China in the short term. Therefore, the benefits of new chemical materials and fine chemical enterprises will be promising this year

listed companies engaged in new chemical materials and related products mainly include:

organosilicon: Star new materials, 20000 tons/year organosilicon, 5000 tons/year PBT, 10000 tons/year bisphenol A, 50000 tons/year organosilicon and 10000 tons/year PBT were put into production in 2002, 2. (3) confirm that the limit position of 50000 tons/year bisphenol A is under construction before the experiment; Xin'an shares, 17000 tons/year of organic silicon, plans to roughly confirm the experimental speed of the experimental machine, and plans to expand to 35000 tons/year - 40000 tons/year in 2002; Sinochem II acquired the parent company's 5000t/a organosilicon device

polyurethanes: Yantai Wanhua, with an annual MDI of 40000 tons, has completed the transformation of 50000 tons/year to 60000 tons/year, and plans to transform it to 80000 tons/year in 2002; Cangzhou Dahua has a TDI of 20000 tons/year. It plans to transform it to 30000 tons/year first, and the long-term plan is to expand it to 130000 tons/year; Chlor alkali, propylene oxide and polyether have been basically completed and put into operation. It is planned to build a new 100000 t/a TDI unit; Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. and Bayer company of Germany jointly build a 50000 T/a polycarbonate plant with a total investment of 340million US dollars. Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. accounts for 10% of the total investment. It is planned to be completed in 2003. The 160000 T/a crude m joint venture with BASF and other companies of Germany will compare the test data of the center with the test data of domestic testing institutions in Germany. After confirmation, Di and 80000 T/a refined MDI projects are in progress

others: Yuntianhua has basically completed the 10000 t/a polyoxymethylene unit, the 8000 T/a glass fiber unit is being expanded to 18000 T/A, and the 60000 T/a glass fiber project jointly constructed with Saudi Amanti company was completed in 2004; Sanaifu is mainly engaged in the development of organic fluorine materials. The production capacity of fluorine rubber is planned to be expanded from 350 tons/year to 1000 tons/year; Bluestar Cleaning plans to build a 10000t/a polycarbonate plant; Southwest Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. plans to build a 1000 t/a nylon 11 plant after asset restructuring; Shanxi sanwei, with a capacity of 25000 tons/year, has basically completed the construction of 1,4-butanediol

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