The bearings of the hottest agricultural motors ar

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Agricultural motor bearings are often scrapped due to overheating

small motors are generally used for agricultural motors. In small motors, ball bearings are generally used at the front and rear ends. Bearing heating we reduce the number of process steps is one of the most common faults of agricultural asynchronous motor. If the bearing is hot, the lubricating grease will be diluted and leaked after a period of operation, or the bearing will be damaged, causing economic losses to the user. The causes and treatment methods of bearing heating are introduced as follows:

1. Bearing damage. Check whether the ball of the ball bearing or the bearing bush of the ball bearing is damaged. Repair or replace if damaged

2. The lubricating oil has Jianyu Chengqiu's leading high efficiency, high flexibility, large-scale customized factory impurities, too dirty, oil ring stuck or wrong brand. The oil shall be changed, and then the genetic algorithm calculation formula of artificial intelligence skill 1 shall be added to the constituent elements of materials to find the best materials, find out the cause of jamming and repair. When the oil viscosity is too high, the lubricating oil shall be replaced

3. There is a lack of oil in the bearing chamber. Fill 2/3 oil chamber with lubricating grease or add lubricating oil to standard oil level line

4. Too much grease is blocked in the rolling bearing, and the temperature of the lubricating oil in the sliding bearing is too low or too high. The excessive grease in the rolling bearing shall be removed, or the grease in the oil chamber shall be filled to 2/3

5. The fit between bearing and shaft, bearing and end cover is too loose or tight. If it is too tight, the bearing will be deformed. If it is too loose, it is easy to run out. If the fit between the bearing and the shaft is too loose, the journal can be painted with metal paint, and if it is too tight, it can be reworked; If the bearing fits the end cap too loosely, insert the end cap tightly, and re process if it is too tight

6. The covers at both ends of the motor or the bearing covers are not assembled properly, which is usually not parallel, resulting in the bearing not in the correct position. Install the covers at both ends or the bearing covers, and tighten the bolts

7. The belt is too tight or loose or the coupling is poorly assembled. Adjust the belt tightness; Correct the coupling

8. The wrong bearing model was replaced during maintenance. Replace the bearing of the correct model as soon as possible

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