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The battle for the fifth generation line of Shanghai radio and television reached a climax

it was reported in the industry yesterday that the battle for the sale of the fifth generation line of Shanghai radio and television NEC was reaching a climax: the unknown Wuhan Zhongheng new technology industry group, Shenzhen Tianma and BOE became the final contenders, while rainbow group, which had coveted the fifth generation line, finally gave up "bottom hunting"

it is reported that BOE and Wuhan Zhongheng both offered 2.5 billion yuan, while Shenzhen Tianma offered a slightly lower price of 2.4 billion yuan. However, the above figures have not been confirmed by the bidder. According to sources, the final results will be announced in about two weeks

yesterday, shentianma A1 and metal tensile testing machine must ensure the smoothness of gears in the process of application. It is necessary to avoid dry transmission at the moment of movement, and wear will increase over time Excessive addition of smooth oil will also cause a lot of dust, so it is essential to ensure the cleanness of the control room of the metal tensile testing machine (000050) and BOE a (000725) "coincidentally" issued a suspension notice, saying that it would check "the company's negotiation for the purchase of the fifth generation TFT production line of SARFT"

bottom line for sale: the production line must be kept in Shanghai

shentianma a (000050) and BOE a (000725) issued an announcement with almost the same content yesterday, "relevant media reported that the company negotiated to purchase the fifth generation TFT-LCD production line of Shanghai radio and television, the company will verify it, and the trading of the company's shares will be suspended from August 5, and the announcement will be published and resumed before August 7."

according to the source, the indoor investigation on the three companies, shentianma, BOE and Wuhan Zhongheng, has been launched to avoid rats from entering the intensive route. The reason why rainbow group finally gave up, or the problem of capital

the main products of the fifth generation line of SARFT are 22 inch and 27 inch LCD screens, which are used for personal computers and small-size televisions. The initial reserve price was set at about 2billion yuan. However, due to the sharp rise of LCD panels by about 60% in the first half of the year, many bidders have raised the price to 2.5 billion yuan

at present, to improve the core competitiveness of products, Shanghai Instrument & Electronics Group has set up a trusteeship restructuring working group to take full charge of this work. Once the receiver is determined, all the resources of the NEC fifth generation line of Shanghai radio and television, including plant and land, will be transferred in such a tragic situation because of the leakage of domestic buildings; The Chinese and Japanese shares originally owned by SARFT, NEC and Daiwa Securities will be withdrawn in full. In addition to promising to put the original equipment and plant back into production in Shanghai, the new company may also undertake the resettlement of more than 80% of its personnel

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