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The "beautiful and healthy walk" organized by metus was held in Zunyi on December 12, 2008. The "beautiful and healthy walk" organized by metus was held in Zunyi. On November 25, the "beautiful and healthy walk" organized by metus was held in the red Holy Land Zunyi. This activity continued the theme of "health is love" of Metz, and invited the principals and construction technicians of major decoration companies in Zunyi City to propose that everyone shoulder the responsibility of protecting the environment and building a green home. With the recommendation of relevant departments and local governments, we should adhere to the use of green and environmental friendly brands in the procurement and use of decoration materials, reflecting the environmental care of "health is love". The person in charge of the decoration company and the construction technicians present responded positively and signed and left messages on the environmental protection declaration one after another

supporting environmental protection and health will become the standard for people to judge brands, and will also become one of the standards for assessing enterprises' awareness of environmental protection as it goes deep into the hearts and minds of the industry and society. This activity caused a strong sensation in Zunyi, and the popularity and reputation of the artists in Zunyi have been improved. Since the beautiful and healthy activity with the theme of "protecting the environment and caring for health" was held, Metz paint has become more and more influential in the national market. It has gradually established a healthy and environmentally friendly corporate image in the minds of consumers, and has become a synonym for the brand of environmentally friendly coatings with low health effectiveness in the future

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