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Basic method of programming NC milling machine

in this part, the basic method of programming NC milling machine will be introduced based on XK5032 Vertical NC milling machine. The XK5032 vertical CNC milling machine is equipped with fanuc-0mc CNC system. The main features of the system are: strong axis control function, the number of axes that can be basically controlled is x and y, and international advanced technology is adopted. Do you know, including Baoshan Iron and steel, Shanghai Jinhu Rili plastic, Bolu trade (Shanghai), Bluestar silicone (Shanghai), Bosch rubber (Shanghai), kostron polymer (China)? If you want to know more about the detailed information technology of the experimental machine, "z-axis, after expansion, the number of linkage control axes is four; the programming code has strong universality, convenient programming and high reliability. The common text codes and their meanings are shown in the following table:

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