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Reddington bay company has become a value-added distributor of Alcatel lucent enterprise communications

reddington bay company has signed a cooperation agreement with Alcatel lucent enterprise communications, becoming China's world leader in plastic consumption, plastic products output and export in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain The value-added distributor

reddington Gulf, the largest producer and seller of plastic machinery, will fully distribute products and services related to voice communication and data networking solutions of Alcatel lucent enterprise communications. Ctiforum on February 5 (Li Wenjie): Alcatel lucent enterprise communications recently announced that reddington Gulf has become a value-added distributor in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain, It will fully distribute the full range of products and services of Alcatel lucent enterprise communication voice communication and data network solutions, and help Alcatel lucent enterprise communication expand its business in the Middle East and Africa

retington bay company was originally an IT product distributor in the Middle East and Africa. Now it has developed into a large it distributor and a professional provider of supply chain integration solutions in the it and telecommunications industry. At present, it has the distribution rights of 32 brands. After becoming a value-added distributor of Alcatel lucent enterprise communications, reddington Bay will further expand its business strength in the telecommunications field

as a leader in technology, products and services innovation in the field of data networking and voice communications, Alcatel lucent enterprise communications has a good industry reputation and strong partner channels in relevant markets in the Middle East and Africa. With the technological development in the fields of education, hotel service and government functional departments, the voice communication and data network market in this region has also ushered in many new business opportunities

in addition, Alcatel lucent enterprise communications has also successfully participated in many infrastructure projects from different industries in the region, especially in the fields of government, banking, medical treatment, hotel and education. Main customers include: Al Futtaim group, Bank of Africa, Uganda civil aviation authority, Dubai airport, Dubai Ministry of economy, Dubai bank, Dubai cable company (ducab), Etisalat, jumbo electronics, Saudi Ministry of culture and information, tamdeen shopping center in Kuwait and Johannesburg University


Ramkumar Balakrishnan, senior vice president of value-added distribution business in the Middle East and Africa of rettington Bay, said:

in choosing partners, we hope our partners can be consistent with our philosophy, that is, to better serve customers and bring value-added solutions to customers. Alcatel lucent enterprise communication, as one of the world's leading three major enterprise communication and networking solutions providers, believes that our 3D printing materials with higher performance and more requirements will also be continuously developed. The cooperation will help us bring more diversified services to our customers

Baher ezzat, business director of Alcatel lucent enterprise communications in the Middle East, said:

reddington Bay not only has a wide market coverage in the Middle East, but also has a strong and responsive secondary distribution network. And its rich business experience in the region has also become an important reason for us to choose reddington Bay as a partner. It is believed that the cooperation with reddington Bay Company will not only help us expand our business footprint in the Gulf countries and regions, but also greatly enhance our confidence in the communication infrastructure market in the region and achieve the goal of long-term growth

about reddington Gulf company

reddington Gulf company is a subsidiary of reddington India Company. As a leading supply chain integration, 2.8 display mode: data and curves are dynamically displayed with the experimental process; As a solution provider, reddington Bay distributes information technology, telecommunications and lifestyle products from more than 40 manufacturers, covering the Middle East, Africa, Turkey (via arena Bilgi zigzag experiment (ASTM D790, d6272 and ISO178) sayar) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Reddington Bay has advanced and perfect supply chain solutions, which can provide all kinds of enterprises and organizations with customer experience consistent with the original value of the brand and meet the changing market demand

reddington Bay currently has more than 24 countries in its business scope, more than 12000 channel partners, and 16 storage centers in the Middle East and Africa. It is a leading it and electronic products and services supply chain solution provider in the region. The strong management team, advanced automatic order processing system, professional business team, strong support and execution team make retington bay the preferred distributor partner for manufacturers and secondary agents

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