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Rare earth: the "vitamin" of modern industry

rare earth is called the "treasure house" of new materials, which can greatly improve the quality and performance of other products. It is known as the "vitamin" of modern industry and plays an indispensable role in military, glass ceramics, petrochemical and other aspects. The rare earth experts of Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. will explain the specific uses of rare earth in detail

in military affairs: because rare earth metals have relatively active chemical properties, they are very easy to interact with oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur to form stable compounds. When sparks occur due to severe friction and impact, they can ignite inflammables. Therefore, the combustion supporting type of rare metals can be used to make all kinds of combustion weapons; At the same time, rare earth metals also have good photoelectric magnetic and other physical properties, and can form new materials with excellent performance with other materials, which can greatly improve the quality and performance of other products, such as tanks, aircraft steel, aluminum alloy and other tactical properties

in terms of glass ceramics:

rare earth has stronger oxidation than arsenic. Adding rare earth in the production process of glass can effectively transform fe2+ into fe3+. The decolorization effect is very ideal. It is the most commonly used decolorizer for glass. At the same time, the spectral characteristics of rare earth neodymium are very stable. It can produce purplish red in glass and can be used as a colorant of glass. There are two main applications of rare earth elements in ceramics: one is that they can be used to produce special ceramics, such as cerium oxide ceramics as solid electrolyte ion sieves, which can be used to determine the oxygen in waste gas and people to improve their functions, and the other is that they can be used to make ceramic fuels

in petrochemical industry:

petrochemical industry is the largest field of rare earth application. The amount of rare earth in petrochemical industry around the world accounts for about 40% of the total amount of rare earth. Among them, the cracking and catalytic processing process of oil is an important field of rare earth application, which is mainly used to prepare catalysts for gasoline, diesel oil and petroleum, most of which are gases. Catalytic oxidation of automobile exhaust is the second important application of rare earth in the catalytic field. It can remove harmful components other than lead compounds and purify exhaust gas. In addition, rare earth can also be used as petroleum reforming catalyst, which is widely used in chemical synthesis as a variety of catalysts

new uses:

stable cubic zirconia is very similar to diamond in refractive index, dispersion and hardness, and can be widely used as a substitute for diamond; Some rare earth metals have high remanence, and the ball screw pair is driven to rotate by the Panasonic exchange servo machine with high speed regulation accuracy, wide range and stable performance through the synchronous toothed belt reduction system. The high coercivity and high magnetic energy product can be widely used in the electronics and aerospace industry; The inner wall of the new bulb is coated with rare earth grinding, which can convert ultraviolet radiation into visible light, and the energy efficiency is increased by four times

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