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Shanghai 12345 call center set up a bridge between the government and citizens

on the afternoon of August 12, Shanghai 12345 citizen service, which was established for 1 year and 7 months, held its first citizen open day. Eleven citizen representatives were invited to No. 100 Dagu road to visit the 12345 citizen service call center and have a discussion with the office leaders and staff. Deng Youzhong, director of the office, said that since the official opening of the 12345 citizen call center service, it has received 2.8 million calls from citizens 24 hours a day, 365 days a week, making it the hottest government service

solve problems, the gospel of the people

our problems finally saw the hope of solving them. At the beginning of the symposium, liuhaiqing, chairman of Yangpu District Haikang nursing home, handed a golden flag written "solve problems, the gospel of the people" to 12345 staff. He said that it was very appropriate to evaluate 12345 citizen services with the eight words of overcoming difficulties and solving problems and the gospel of the people

in July this year, a complaint in the 12345 work order system affected the staff. Located in Longchang Road, Yangpu District, Haikang nursing home is home to 103 elderly people over the age of 85. However, since its establishment in 2010, the nursing home has only been able to carry out the development plan of the enterprise. It cannot just start from its own point of view and pay the electricity bill according to the industrial electricity, which is a heavy burden. The nursing home hopes to enjoy the treatment of residents' electricity consumption and high-speed and high-frequency positioning function like other nursing homes

the appeal was transferred to Shanghai electric power company. After verification by the electric power company, the nursing home rented the real estate of Yangshupu gas plant, and the electricity charge was paid to the gas plant, which was not a direct user of the power supply department. If you want to enjoy residential electricity, you need to install an independent electricity meter, so you need to provide proof of house property rights and relevant materials. But for various historical reasons, the gas plant failed to provide relevant certificates. However, this is related to the quality of life of the elderly. The supervision department promised that we will promote the coordination and cooperation of various functional departments to solve this matter

on July 22 and August 6, the coordination and supervision team convened relevant departments to hold two coordination meetings successively to coordinate repeatedly on the identification of house number, the relationship materials between nursing homes and owners, the certificate of housing property rights, the construction of power companies and other issues. Finally, the electric power company agreed to the civil power application of the nursing home, and said that special matters should be handled on a special basis to set up a separate civil line for the nursing home. Unexpectedly, 12345 helped us solve the problem that has been reflected for 3 years

make the government run more smoothly

one is actually a bridge between the people and the government. According to Mr. Ye, listening to the voice of the people, a series of problems such as unclear government responsibilities and lack of functions have been resolved

at the beginning of the year, Mr. Ye, a citizen, told 12345 that he was a non local person who came to Shanghai to buy a house in Shanghai. According to the seven provisions of Shanghai, he was required to provide a certificate that he had paid tax or social security in the city for more than 2 years in the first three years from the date of purchase. However, due to the computer setting problem, the social security center can only print the social security payment details for 2 years. Without 3-year social security payment details, the real estate trading center cannot handle the purchase procedures for it

after receiving citizens' help, 12345 convened the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau and the Municipal Housing Administration Bureau to coordinate, and finally found a solution: according to the actual situation of the taxpayer, the Social Security Bureau issued a written three-year tax payment certificate. Now, people from other places like Mr. Ye who come to Shanghai will no longer have trouble in handling the house purchase procedures

the complaints of Mr. Jiang, a citizen, are also quite common. In order to repair the air conditioner, he called Li Gui in the after-sales service manual. Originally, the maintenance company has long abandoned the maintenance in the manual. After several changes of hands, he was used by swindlers. The telecommunications department said: the process of number expiration and re activation complies with the regulations; The Department of industry and Commerce said: consumers have no invoices and no evidence, which is difficult to check; The tax department said that it was not tax evasion and could not be controlled; The Commerce Commission said that their functions focus on 3 After the installation and commissioning of equipment, ensure the supply and market, and recommend qualified and branded maintenance enterprises to the public.

in view of the rampant Li Gui in the home appliance maintenance market and the problem of no way for citizens to complain, 12345 came to the Bureau of industry and commerce, the Commission of Commerce and other departments to hold a coordination meeting, implemented the departments, and determined the operation mechanism of division of labor and responsibility

in addition to thanking you, I look forward to more

at the Symposium on the open day of citizens, caofengzhu, a citizen representative, said that we have given the place where the people appeal, reason and assistance, and we thank you again for your hard and efficient work

citizen Shen Jialong wrote a poem specifically for, praising 12345 citizens, who connect thousands of households. If citizens have appeals, they will respond

however, on the open day, in addition to thanking, the citizen representatives also raised many expectations: the stubborn diseases reflected many times will often resurface after being solved once, and the citizen Mr. Shen hopes that 12345 can strengthen the handling of the incident; Every day, the dynamic testing machine mainly includes the fatigue testing machine, which has a huge call volume of nearly 5000. We hope to be more meticulous and in-depth in processing, Mr. Gong said; Ms. Luan, a citizen, suggested that 12345 should be publicized more to make it known to everyone

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