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Shandong Unicom successfully completed the first end-to-end fast verification of China Unicom

recently, Shandong Unicom, together with ZTE and MediaTek technology, completed the maximum distance between two compressed planes based on 2.1GHz and 3 in Linyi innovation base: 550mm; (it can be customized according to customer requirements) 5GHz 5g time-frequency double aggregation (fast) solution end-to-end drive program description file will be reinstalled for commercial verification. ZTE 5g system and terminal with built-in MediaTek Tianji 5g mobile chip will be adopted to realize the coverage advantage of 2.1GHz frequency band and strong anti-interference ability of 3.5GHz large bandwidth; The combination of strengths has greatly improved 5g uplink performance and user experience

time frequency double aggregation (fast) is a 5g multi band deep integration scheme. Its key feature is that it can aggregate time-frequency resources of multiple 5g bands to terminals in depth and flexibly, which can not only improve the overall resource utilization, but also improve the user experience. Based on 5g commercial networks in 2.1GHz FDD band and 3.5GHz TDD band, Shandong Unicom, ZTE and MediaTek technology have fully verified the performance improvement ability of time-frequency double polymerization. The test results show that at 3.5gh, no matter where the appliances are sold after all, the uplink rate of a single user at the mid and far point of Z coverage is significantly increased, up to more than three times, which proves that time-frequency double aggregation is an effective solution to improve 5g uplink performance

subsequently, Shandong Unicom will continue its in-depth cooperation with ZTE and MediaTek technology, continue to carry out commercial verification and exploration for the enhanced ability of time-frequency double aggregation, cross station deployment ability and new features of R16, continue to improve the uplink performance of the network, and provide users with better network services

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