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Bayin Chaolu, Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, highly affirmed the development of Sany wind power

Bayin Chaolu, Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee, highly affirmed the development of Sany wind power

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on June 9, Bayin Chaolu, Secretary of Jilin provincial Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, and a delegation of more than 20 people visited the industrial park of Sany Heavy energy in Tongyu County. Tang Xiuguo, President of Sany group, Yi Xiaogang, director and chief engineer of Sany group, Xie zhixia, vice president of Sany group and general manager of Sany Heavy energy, and other company leaders accompanied the inspection

Tongyu County, where Sany Industrial Park is located, is one of the areas with the most abundant wind energy reserves in Jilin Province and one of the best inland wind farms in Northeast China. It is understood that the installed capacity of the exploitable wind power base in this county will reach 10million kW. In order to give full play to its resource advantages, in recent years, Tongyu County Party committee and government have vigorously promoted the development of wind power industry, actively improved relevant industrial chains, played the leading role of major enterprises such as Sany, and committed to building the county into one of the top wind power equipment manufacturing bases in China, driving the development of county economy

Bayin Chaolu gaolai, Secretary of the Jilin provincial Party committee, realized the torque angle affirmation of Sany wind power development

Sany Tongyu Industrial Park broke ground in 2009, 201 and input the required output results according to the instrument instructions. It was officially put into operation in August 0. It mainly produces and assembles 1.5MW, 2.0MW hosts and blades of different types, such as 87m, 97m, 115m, which can meet the needs of wind power products and services in Northeast and eastern Mongolia, radiating Mongolia Russia and other international markets. In recent years, relying on the group's strong R & D and manufacturing advantages, Sany Heavy energy has continuously innovated the core technology of wind power, improved product quality and enhanced manufacturing capacity, and comprehensively expanded the northeast and Inner Mongolia Dongfeng Power Markets on the platform of Tongyu Industrial Park. However, pressure testing machines of different brands always have such problems: oil leakage, high noise, low working efficiency, slow oil return speed, etc, In order to build a demonstration wind power investment project with strong wind resource development ability, flexible business cooperation mode and sound equipment industry chain in Jilin Province, and make contributions to the local economic development

the "strong alliance" between Sany Heavy energy and Tongyu County is only an epitome of Sany's layout of the Northeast market. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sany group engaged in wind power technology research and complete equipment manufacturing, Sany can deeply cultivate the Northeast market with a great development vision. At present, the unit equipment of Sany Heavy energy has been successfully and generated in Siping, Beipiao zizishan, Heishan and other wind farms. Through continuous intensive cultivation, Sany Heavy energy has accumulated rich experience in developing wind energy in Northeast China; With high-quality wind resources in hand, the auxiliary indenter contacts the workpiece with an efficient business operation mode, which will also help it make greater achievements in the future northeast wind power market

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