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Shandong tobacco packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. was recently established

Shandong tobacco packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. was jointly established by Shandong tobacco company, Shandong Hongfa tobacco (Group) company, 10 cigarette enterprises and 5 printing enterprises in Shandong Province

the enterprise has 18 sets of world-class printing equipment in the 1990s, and is responsible for the management, processing and supply of packaging and printing materials for the tobacco system in Shandong Province. It mainly prints and processes cigarette packaging materials, and also operates other packaging and printing businesses. It is expected to effectively reduce the deformation of the main shaft, with an annual production of 3million cigarette labels and an output value of 700million yuan

the company should strive to build a well-known packaging and printing enterprise in Shandong Province and the first listed company in Shandong tobacco system in three years

registered with Alcoa in 1969

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