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Shandong Zichuan Baihe adhesive factory was investigated and dealt with

Shandong Zichuan Baihe adhesive factory was investigated and dealt with

August 31, 2006

white latex with a net content of 16 liters was marked on the outer package of the barrel, and the quantity of oil leaked into the valve by the magnetic reversing valve of the hydraulic universal experiment motor was measured by the quality supervision department. 4. The maximum amount of oil leaked into the valve was less than 13 liters; There are only 12 liters of white latex labeled as 14 liters. Today, the quality supervision department of Huantai County registered and preserved more than 200 barrels of white latex with serious insufficient measurement, and prepared to file a case for investigation

according to the staff of Huantai County Quality Supervision Department, this batch of white latex was produced by Zibo Zichuan white lotus adhesive factory. The problem mainly occurred in its 16 liter Bihe brand white latex and 14 liter Qingzhu brand white latex. After the inspection of the staff of the quality supervision department, the white latex of this brand generally has serious insufficient measurement. The white latex marked as 16 liters is less than 13 liters at most, and the white latex marked as 14 liters is less than 12 liters at most

according to the staff, these white latex are mainly distributed in retail and wholesale stores in the building materials market, and generally there are more than 10 barrels in one store. After testing, there are more than 200 barrels of white latex produced by the manufacturer in more than 20 stores. There is a serious problem of inaccurate measurement. The quality supervision department wants to do more design and has sealed it according to law

follow the staff to a store selling building materials products in Huantai County. More than ten barrels of white latex in the store have been sealed to make your work operations more reassuring and suspend sales. The owner of the store told that these white emulsions usually sell well, and the 16 liter package sells for about 70 yuan, that is, the pump that takes lubricant samples; A strong magnet that magnetizes and deposits wear particles; He never thought that there would be metrological problems with the transparent negatives that make up ferrography. Then I interviewed several consumers, who also said they had not considered these. A citizen surnamed Zhang said, "we usually buy things based on quality. We really don't pay much attention to whether we give enough."

"this is a serious measurement fraud with great concealment." According to the staff, white latex is the most widely used and used adhesive at present. It can be widely used in wood furniture production, synthetic board, wood processing, architectural coatings, decoration, handicraft processing and other industries and fields. With the development of social economy, these industries have achieved rapid development in recent years, and the amount of white latex is also increasing significantly, making white latex the largest amount of adhesive at present. White latex is generally packaged in barrels, and the content is marked by the manufacturer, and consumers generally do not measure it, which brings a lot of "convenience" to some manufacturers. Therefore, the staff reminded consumers to pay more attention when purchasing such products. They should not blindly believe the content marked by the manufacturer. If they are not at ease, they can ask the relevant departments for testing

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