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Shandong tire is troubled by the "persistent disease" of overcapacity

"are you so familiar with Shandong because it is the hometown of Confucius and Mencius, or because it has the famous Mount Tai?"

"neither, because it is a big province of tires."

in a casual chat on a forum, the tire world got an "unexpected answer" from a "foreigner". He is the head of China business of a foreign tire enterprise. This also seems to confirm the statement that "the world's tires are based on China, and China's tires are based on Shandong"

however, according to some insiders, in this large province where the tire industry occupies such an important position, the disordered development of the industry and the serious overcapacity have become "persistent diseases" that affect the continued smooth development of the local tire industry

overcapacity is the "root" of the problem.

at present, China's tire production accounts for 1/3 of the world's total production, and China has become the world's largest tire producer, consumer and exporter; Shandong's tire production capacity accounts for "half" of the country

according to relevant data, in the 2011 global tire top 75 ranking list, 24 enterprises in Chinese Mainland were shortlisted, including 11 enterprises in Shandong

however, in this traditional province of tire production, home appliances are now related to the well-being of thousands of families, but they are facing a series of new problems, especially the problem of overcapacity. Song Guangzhi, director of zhuochuang information Rubber Research Institute, told the tire world: "the root problem of Shandong tire industry is backwardness and serious overcapacity."

he analyzed that the reason for the backward overcapacity is that the local government has only considered stimulating local investment in pursuit of so-called performance for many years, without considering the actual affordability of market capacity; In addition, due to the relatively high profits of the tire industry in previous years, many enterprises saw that the industry made money and made huge investments without doing market research in the early stage, which was very blind

another industry insider, who declined to be named, believes that the problem of backward tires and serious overcapacity is not a problem in Shandong Province, and its emergence is not accidental. "The reason why this problem is so serious is in the final analysis that there is no strong regulatory authority in the whole tire industry, plus the lack of relevant standards and policies."

it is reported that the domestic tire industry was previously managed by the Ministry of chemical industry, but since the Department was abolished in 1998, the management department of the tire industry has changed several times. Finally, it was determined as China Rubber Industry Association, which has evolved into a three-level Association unit with limited management authority and coordination. No organization can speak directly on behalf of the tire enterprise or implement strong management of the industry. This is still the case

tire analyst wangbaodong holds different views on this issue. In his view, the domestic automobile and tire markets, on the surface, are overcapacity. In fact, China is now in the period of industrial transformation, and the future market demand will not stay at the current appearance and greatly enhance its tolerance to lightning damage consumption. "The future market potential is very large, and the market demand is very considerable."

"reshuffle" is the general trend

a foreign analysis article once pointed out that from the perspective of market scale, China's relatively large-scale leading tire enterprises can basically meet the needs of the domestic market

the fact is that at present, only rough statistics show that there are hundreds of tire enterprises in Shandong Province. Except for leading enterprises such as triangle and Linglong, the vast majority of other enterprises are simply not of any scale. "In my opinion, in the coming years, the 'reshuffle' of the tire industry will be inevitable, whether spontaneous or forced." Song Guangzhi said

it is understood that there were 5000 brands in the history of the American automobile industry, but now there are less than 10. "This is a process of scouring the sand in the waves and the survival of the fittest." Song Guangzhi believes that Shandong tire industry will definitely follow this path in the future, which is the inevitable law of industrial development

in the interview, tire world also learned that due to various reasons, some rubber enterprises and traders received few orders from Shandong. Therefore, their views on Shandong tire industry are relatively negative. As tyres are intermediate products, they are also subject to the development situation of the upstream and downstream industries of rubber and automobile

song Guangzhi pointed out that in the coming years, the focus of competition in the tire industry will be mainly in two aspects: first, in the competition for raw materials, it depends on who can get the first chance; Second, whether the enterprise can find a breakthrough in the marketing strategy of advanced rail transit equipment and materials

when asked "will Chinese tire enterprises end up with only a few brands like the U.S. auto industry in the future", song Guangzhi said: "this is completely possible." He paused and said, "I just can't imagine now. If the price of this product (stroller) is high, what will happen if all the rest are foreign brands?"

this problem is very acute, but it may be worth serious consideration by China's tire industry

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